Bored Horse Introduced To A New Best Friend Can’t Hide How Thrilled He Is

Anyone who’s ever gone through grade school can tell you that, sometimes, their closest friends came from the places they’d least expect. Whether it was gym class or the school play, there’s always room for a new pal!
That’s exactly what this very bored horse discovered when his owner placed a stuffed cow toy in his pen. At first he was a little confused, but once he figured it out, he was pumped for a new companion!
When you see the way this horse reacted to his new “friend,” you’ll never look at a stuffed animal the same way!
One of the best parts of life is meeting new friends to share fun experiences with. Finding others with similar interests, as opposed to always doing things on your own, makes for a much more enjoyable time.

People aren’t the only ones who enjoy the company of others, either. Animalslove having friends, too! Such was the case on a farm in Minooka, Illinois, when a lonely horse named Vuvu was introduced to a very unlikely companion. Needless to say, he couldn’t wait to get acquainted…

Vuvu’s owners bought him a stuffed cow to play with, and even though the “friend” wasn’t actually living, they thought it would be a nice treat for Vuvu. After all, he spent much of the day running around his enclosure all alone. But how would he react to this intruder?

At first, Vuvu wasn’t exactly sure what to make of his new pal. His owners placed the plush animal in the middle of the corral, and then they stood outside of the fence to watch his reaction. Vuvu was hesitant to touch the toy initially.

After a few minutes of sniffing around, however, Vuvu started to gently nudge the toy with his nose. His owners were afraid that, after the nudge session, he’d be over it, but it seemed like Vuvu was gradually becoming more interested…

Suddenly, Vuvu picked up the cow with his teeth. Normally, he really didn’t have anyone to play with on the farm. He was being trained as an Olympic jumper, so he spent most of his time leaping over poles. At least he was engaging with the toy, though Vuvu’s owners weren’t sure if he was being territorial or not.

Vuvu was holding the stuffed cow in his mouth, staring at his owners for several minutes as if to ask, “This is all for me?” Then, he began trotting around in a circle with the cow flailing around in his mouth.

Vuvu’s owners were ecstatic with the reaction the toy was evoking from their prized steed. Vuvu actually seemed to be enjoying the toy even more than his owners thought. It was one of the best investments they ever made for an animal!

Even though Vuvu’s new friend was just a toy full of stuffing, the horse could not have been happier.

Don’t you wish a stuffed toy could bring you this much entertainment? The other horses in the enclosures next to Vuvu looked jealous. Maybe after he was done playing with it, he could share it with the his equestrian friends; they wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun!
Looks like someone is glad to have a new bud around! Who doesn’t love that?
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