Man Who Notices Strange Circles Appearing On The Walls Learns His House Holds A Dark Secret

It’s human nature to be curious about our everyday surroundings. Questioning what makes up the world around us and how things work is a natural behavior, but if you perceive even a slight change in your usual environment, that curiosity can progress to a burning desire to get to the bottom of things pretty quickly.
As much as we want to know about everything that goes on in our homes, though, you never know what sort of history could be unlocked if you dig too deeply…
When this man noticed strange circles appearing on the walls of his workspace, he was intrigued. That’s when he decided to take a closer look for himself—and he discovered something he never thought possible.
Paying attention to our surroundings is something that is innate in human beings. When something suddenly looks out of place, we notice. Sometimes, we can find unusual things right in our own backyard if we simply pay close enough attention…
Sometimes, however, we don’t even need to look that far. One afternoon, a homeowner noticed strange circles randomly appearing on the wall in his home’s work space. He thought that it could have been gradual water damage at first, but the shape was just too perfect.

He decided he needed to investigate to see what the mysterious shape was all about. He stepped into the garage and grabbed his tool kit, and when he returned to the room, he drilled a hole into one of the circles to see what was behind it.
When the drill broke through the wall, the man realized that there was some sort of opening on the other side. He then decided to use his tools to dig out the entire hole. When he was finally done, there was an opening in his wall that led to some sort of mysterious room.

 The man called over a few of his friends to check out the discovery he had just made. He wasn’t exactly sure what he would find inside, so he wanted others there just in case he ran into trouble. While he waited, he shined a light inside to see if he could make out anything, but the angle was too awkward to see clearly.
When his friends showed up, they were all equally as shocked as the homeowner at the strange space he had come across. One of his friends peered inside the opening, but it was still too dark to see anything. What was this place?
The homeowner took it upon himself to peek his head in as well. Much to his dismay, he, too, was met with a blanket of darkness that he couldn’t see past. So, he made the decision to climb inside and do some exploring himself…

It took a few minutes to climb into the hole with the help of his friends, but soon enough, the homeowner was crouching on the other side. The room wasn’t very big, and he asked one of his buddies to pass him the flashlight so he could finally see what was hidden behind his wall.
It took a couple of minutes of fumbling with the flashlight before he finally clicked it on. At first, he didn’t really know what he was looking at. The only things he could see were a filthy wall and some metal scraps. Then, he started to move the beam of light around the room…

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