Water Snake Emerges From A Pond To Eat Out Of An Old Man’s Hand

Whether it’s the slithering motion, the ominous hiss, or the sharp fangs that creep us out, it’s safe to say that most people feel a little uneasy around snakes. It doesn’t matter if they are venomous or not; snakes can just be scary.
What happened after this elderly man walked out onto his dock and caught sight of a water snake, however, was nothing short of amazing.
When this old man walked to the end of the dock on his property and turned on his camera, he pointed it directly at the water. It was clear that he was looking for something swimming nearby, but what exactly he was trying to find was hard to figure out…

While the surface of the water did seem to be shimmering a little bit, it was hard to say what exactly was moving around down there that had this old man so excited. He was on the lookout for something and he had no intention of giving up!

When the old man noticed something break the surface of the water, he knew that he had to hunker down if he planned to make contact and catch it all on film. He used his cane to help him get into the chair that he’d positioned on the dock…

Once he’d settled into position, the man removed a dead fish from his pocket and began to shake it in the air while calling out to the water. Either this guy had lost his mind or he knew something special was about to emerge from the water…

Then, out of nowhere, something stunning happened! A gigantic water snake popped out of the water and slithered right at the man! But rather than being frightened, this old man was delighted.

 The man went on to explain that he’d been making “friends” with the diamondback water snakes for a period of weeks, and while they were normally quite shy, he’d been able to gain their trust. You don’t have to take his word for it, either…

Although diamondback water snakes are not venomous, that doesn’t mean you should feel free to interact with them without taking the right kind of precautions first. This old man explained that he taped up the legs of his pants to avoid the snake accidentally sliding up one!

This particularly large female diamondback water snake might be shy, but that didn’t stop her from slithering right up to her old pal. She knew what she was after: a big bite out of the fish he was dangling in the air for her.

This snake might not be venomous, but that doesn’t mean she can’t bite! Snakes this size typically have well over 100 teeth total which they use to catch prey. A wiggling finger can look an awful lot like a juicy meal, too. Yikes, this guy is brave! 

Is that old man a total charmer or what? Who else wants to see a whole nature show with him as the host?
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