12 Dog Breeds With The Worst Separation Anxiety Who Hate Being Left Alone

Being away from your dog is difficult for any amount of time. Even if you’re only out shopping for 30 minutes, you can’t help but wonder what your beloved pup is up to while you’re away. And it makes you wonder if they’re thinking the same thing about you!
In fact, they are! Over the years, animal researchers have found that dogs are capable of suffering from severe separation anxiety. While the condition isn’t exclusive to a specific breed, there are some that are more prone to this anxiety than others.

Here are the 12 dog breeds that suffer the worst from separation anxiety. If you have one of them in your home, be sure to look out for the warning signs so you can help keep your pup comfortable while you’re away…
1. Toy poodles: It should come as no surprise that these dogs, bred for the sole purpose of companionship, don’t exactly fare well when their owners are away for any given amount of time. It’s just in their nature to crave constant interaction!

2. German shepherds: Known for performing a wide variety of tasks that range from herding sheep on farms and serving alongside the police, you’d think these dogs couldn’t be any more calm and collected…
Yet despite their seemingly stoic personalities, researchers have found that German shepherds are among the dog breeds who suffer the most from separation anxiety. Perhaps, that explains why they work so well as partners on the police force.
3. Havaneses: These small Cuban dogs were pretty much bred to be the perfect family companions. When they are left to their own devices, unfortunately, their separation anxiety really kicks it into high gear.

4. Labrador retrievers: Everyone loves a Labrador. As one of the most family-friendly dogs on the planet, you’d expect these little guys to be incredibly happy throughout the day, no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case…
As family dogs, it only makes sense that Labs enjoy the time they spend around people. So when they’re left alone—even for short periods of time—their separation anxiety can be intense.

5. Cocker spaniels: As gun dogs, cocker spaniels are accustomed to spending long hours in the great outdoors with their owners. And while they are fantastic companions, they’ve developed some temperament issues over the years.
6. Border collies: Often noted by people as little balls of energy, these intelligent sport dogs are always looking for new ways to keep themselves busy. When they’re not out running around with their owners, they need ways to bide their time!
Unfortunately for border collies, their constant need for exercise, mental stimulation, and entertainment throughout the day often leads to severe cases of separation anxiety when their owners are away.

7. Bichon Frises: It only makes sense that these lapdogs wouldn’t exactly enjoy being away from their owners. The sudden change in the amount of attention they receive while their humans aren’t at home is enough to give them severe anxiety.
8. Australian shepherds: These active dogs are known for their relentless work ethic that includes herding livestock on the busiest farms. But that’s okay for them, because they love to get in the dirt and lend a helping paw! That said, things aren’t always peachy…
Their need for stimulation certainly helps explain why the Australian shepherd doesn’t fare too well when it comes to fighting boredom. In fact, when there’s nothing left to do, it often leads to these pups becoming quite anxious.
9. Cavalier King Charles spaniel: As is the case with the majority of companion dogs, these spaniels aren’t exactly fond of being left alone. So when they’re looking for ways to fill their time, they often struggle with anxiety.
10. Vizslas: Bred as loyal hunting dogs, Vizslas have often been referred to as a “Velcro dog,” meaning they love to stick by their humans’ sides at all times. They go to great lengths to please their owners, too.

These active Hungarian pups often aim to please their owners in the great outdoors. When they’re left alone for longer periods of time, the side effects of separation anxiety kick in rather quickly, and they struggle to fill the dull moments in a day.
11. Italian greyhounds: While you might recognize greyhounds as an active and agile breed, the Italian ones are just as happy to lounge around with their companions as they are to be running through a field. When they’re alone, they become incredibly anxious.
12. German shorthaired pointers: As one of the most popular hunting dog breeds, these pups are used to working long hours alongside their owners. So it only makes sense that when their owners are away, they have a hard time adapting!
It’s important to recognize which dog breeds suffer the most from separation anxiety. If you own any of these breeds, make sure you give them some extra time and attention!

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