Bob Cat Who Lost His Mom Gets ‘Adopted’ By A Rescue Stray Mama Cat

This is Bob, the Bobcat (he is only a few days old in the photo). Bob lost his own mother and was taken in by a rescued stray momma cat, Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea loved and cared for the tiny bobcat as if he were her very own. On May 3rd, a Good Samaritan brought a box to Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation looking for help.Image Credit: Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

Inside the box was a wild Bobcat. Erica Chacon of Sarge’s said he was found as an orphan. The woman who brought Bob in said she had seen the mother bobcat near her home the night before.Image Credit: Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

It had been a stormy night, and in the morning only the baby bobcat was there.

Because the baby couldn’t be reunited with his mother, the woman brought him to the shelter – he was only a few days old.Image Credit: Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

That same day, a stray momma cat and her litter of five kittens had also been rescued and taken to Sarge’s. The only hope for the tiny bobcat was to be nursed by this momma cat.Image Credit: Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation

Sweet Pea took him in without hesitation! Within 15 minutes, Sweet Pea began to nurse him, and everyone knew that Bob was going to be okay!

Bob took a little longer to be weaned that Sweet Pea’s own babies, but Bob was thriving under her care. Sweet Pea was very affectionate and loving to her newly adopted kitten.

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