Group Of Rescuers Literally Moves A Mountain To Rescue A Trapped Puppy

It takes a lot of courage to keep going when things seem impossible. In a tough situation, it can be hard to keep up hope, but sometimes that hope is all you have…especially when lives are on the line.
One group of people in Egypt refused to give up when they found out that a puppy was trapped under a pile of rocks for a whole month. The poor creature was completely stuck with seemingly no chance of escape, but these determined good samaritans had no intention of losing hope, no matter how hard the situation was.
In Egypt, a group of people was passing by a cluster of giant rocks when they heard something crying from the within the pile.
They quickly realized that there was a puppy trapped inside, unable to make her way out. Residents told them the puppy had been stuck there for weeks.
They tried everything they could think of to free the poor baby, including moving the rocks…
…and climbing down into the crevices from every angle.
They still couldn’t get to the puppy, and they learned that she had been trapped for nearly a month while other kind souls had brought her food and water.
Days went by without success, but these rescuers refused to give up on the little pup, so they called in some backup.
They spent an entire week moving the rocks around so she could make her way to freedom.

Finally, the rescue group created enough space between the rocks to get to the stranded pup.
To celebrate the puppy’s freedom, they gave her a fitting name: Rock.
Everyone involved in the rescue had worked so hard to make this happen that many of them got emotional.
For her part, Rock was overjoyed to finally be free of her concrete prison.
Things were finally looking up for the sweet puppy, and it didn’t take long for her to get adopted.
After spending so much time trapped and alone, she’s finally surrounded by people who love her and will keep her safe forever.

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