Leo The Lion Leaves His Brothers, 15 Years After Being Rescued From A Drug Dealer Together

BLT (not the sandwich) is a name given to three animals that were rescued in 2001 during a drug raid. Baloo is an American Black Bear, Leo is a lion, and Shere Khan is a Bengal Tiger, at the time of their rescue from the basement of a drug dealer, they were all babies.

lion, tiger, bear
Baloo was in bad shape when he was rescued, his harness had been too tight and had dug into his flesh, he had to have it surgically removed. Leo had been confined tiny cage and had an infected wound on his nose. All three of the cubs had external and internal parasites and were malnourished.

For 15 years, these three beautiful creatures lived together at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuaryin Locust Grove, Georgia – and they got along famously. They did everything together, you name it, they were a trio sleeping, eating, playing, bathing.

Sadly, Leo hadn’t been himself for a few weeks. He wasn’t active or eating. Something was wrong. During exploratory surgery, doctors found that 80% of Leo’s liver was full of inoperable masses.

They made the heartbreaking decision to let Leo go. First, Leo got to say goodbye to Shere Khan and Baloo. The staff at Noah’s Ark believe his buddies knew Leo’s health was failing even before Leo showed any outward signs of illness.Share away, people.

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