Little Boy Sleeps On Dad’s Grave. Tells Mom Something That Leaves Her Floored

When we lose one of our loved ones, the impact is felt on a consistent basis. It never truly gets any easier and the only thing that can even begin to heal the wound is time. Kait Brazel is someone who knows this feeling all too well and her sons are also no stranger to it. This past Thanksgiving, she and her sons were preparing to make the trip from Colorado Springs to Virginia.
However, they did have one special stop to make first. They would need to make a detour in Boston. This may sound like a fun road trip to some but there was far more to it than that. Kait was bringing her children to the Arlington National Cemetery. Mason and Mylan had yet to visit their father’s grave site. The boys are eight and five, respectively.
Their father was named Alfred and went by “Fred” for short. He was an Army staff sergeant who passed away at the tender age of 37 after a battle with rectal cancer. Mason and Mylan were not shielded from what was going on. They knew that their father was very sick and they accompanied their parents to all of the medical appointments that Alfred went to.
When they finally got the chance to visit their father, they let him know about all of the awesome activities that they had been up to. At a certain point, Mylan made a remark that knocked all of the wind out of his mother. He told her that he could feel his dad’s presence and that he wanted to take a nap with him. He also hugged his father’s tombstone before leaving.
Kait could not resist capturing this emotional moment and we are utterly speechless. Once they left the grave site, they continued their journey and headed to Niagara Falls. This was a place that Fred had always wanted to take his little ones. While some families would have allowed this tragedy to destroy them, they are continuing to live every day to the fullest.
This is a story that will make readers cry and smile at the same time. We hope that this family’s days are brighter and that they are filled with the necessary healing. These special young men are certainly going to grow up to make their father proud. We already know that Fred is watching over them from Heaven.

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