Man Was Trapped In Muddy Pond For Hours With His Nose Just Above Water After His Excavator Toppled

Daniel became trapped in a pond filled with mud after his excavator slid down a slippery embankment and landed with one of the bars on the three ton machine pinned him down. His nose barely poked out above the surface of the water.
Since he was working alone, Daniel remained with just the top of his head above water for two hours. When he was able to briefly raise his mouth above the surface, he yelled for assistance.

Finally, a nearby neighbor heard Daniel calling for help. That’s when rescuers deployed the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.
Simon Black, a 42-year-old firefighter and one of several first responders, managed to dig Daniel’s face out of the mud with his bare hands. He later acknowledged that he was inches from drowning.
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After 20 minutes of digging, Daniel was finally freed from the mud altogether. “We could tell he was very scared and cold and had hypothermia setting in. He was in shock as well,” Simon said in an interview about Daniel’s rescue.
Despite Daniel’s rescue, the first responders feel that this scenario could’ve easily played out differently. “The excavator’s bucket arm landed on a rock, if it didn’t it could’ve sunk down further and pushed him down with it,” Simon said.
Daniel was flown to John Hunter Hospital where he was said to be suffering from hypothermia and minor back injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery.
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So many things seemed to be working against Daniel making it out alive. His escape was nothing short of miraculous!

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