People Demanded That This Puppy Get Caught And Killed. That’s When They Realized It

Everybody loves puppies, right? Only villains in superhero movies kick puppies for fun. But that wasn’t the case for an unfortunate homeless puppy named Khaleesi, starving, furless with sore skin, covered in fleas and ticks, with a torn ear and a poorly healed broken front leg.
People wanted the dog destroyed so that she couldn’t spread disease in the city of Bulgaria, but soon the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) came to her rescue.
It’s sad to even imagine that some people would go through great lengths to destroy anything that doesn’t look “like it should” and in this case, this poor dog, who just needed help, but ended up being on the hit list.

The poor dog was so afraid that even after being rescued, all she wondered was if she was going to make it alive…
The poor dog was in such a bad condition that her rescuers knew that they had to act quickly if they wanted her to make it back to health.
Diane and Tony from the organization found her and treated her, giving her medication for pain, antibiotics and worm medications, and baths.
The dog got splints to straighten her front leg.  Soon her fur was all grown in!
In a matter of months, this fur ball started looking like this!
But Khaleesi, eighteen months later, still needs a loving forever home.
She’s available at the shelter to people in the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium through the rescue’s affiliates.

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