This Man Took A Picture Of His Daughter And Discovered Something Horrifying

This photo has been making a lot of waves online and if you look really really closely you can see why. 
IT'S A GHOST and if we've learned anything about ghosts in recent years, it's that they never pass up the opportunity for a good photobomb, regardless of their intended haunting victim's location. Redditor Obiaruf's friend learned this lesson the hard way when he was trying to take a picture of his daughter during a recent vacation in Japan. 

Here is the same photo with the "ghost" circled. It's a little difficult to see if you're not looking for it.

There are what appears to be a set of black boots facing out towards the water behind the girl. No other part of the being is visible, but judging from the size of the feet, it should be at least six feet tall and thus appear above the little girl.

Take a look at this one though!

Obiaruf says that the photo hasn't been altered at all. His friend took several more pictures over the next few minutes, but the figure did not appear in any of them.

Could those actually be the feet of a ghost, or someone standing there that the photographer didn't see? Either way, this is pretty freaky.

When a Redditor says that the photo hasn't been altered at all it can only mean one out of two things: THE REDDITOR ALTERED THE HECK OUT OF THE PHOTO ---- or not.
But what do you think

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