Out in Wichita, Kansas, Ikea Mosley lived with her kids and an eight-year-old pit bull mix named Zimba.   She had a boyfriend, too, and wh...

Woman Whose Angry Ex Dumps Her Dog 1000 Miles Away Gets A Stunning Call From A Stranger Woman Whose Angry Ex Dumps Her Dog 1000 Miles Away Gets A Stunning Call From A Stranger

Woman Whose Angry Ex Dumps Her Dog 1000 Miles Away Gets A Stunning Call From A Stranger

Woman Whose Angry Ex Dumps Her Dog 1000 Miles Away Gets A Stunning Call From A Stranger

Out in Wichita, Kansas, Ikea Mosley lived with her kids and an eight-year-old pit bull mix named Zimba. She had a boyfriend, too, and when he took a trip to Maryland, he asked if Ikea’s dog could accompany him on the long, lonely drive.
Ah, but love is a fickle thing, or so they say. As the relationship took a nosedive from stable to tumultuous, Ikea and her boyfriend broke up. Making an already-emotional moment worse, her ex-boyfriend was in the middle of his road trip when the split happened.

The spurned lover abandoned Zimba 1,000 miles out from WichitaIkea called her ex to try to locate her dog. Again and again, the man ignored her calls. Months passed, and it seemed Ikea would never find her poor pooch again.
But animals have a way of bringing out the best in people—and Ikea saw that firsthand.
Meanwhile, in Ridgely, Maryland, someone spotted Zimba wandering the streets; he was alone and he seemed lost. The person alerted animal control, and an agent named Kaitlyn Noffsinger scooped him up and took him to a nearby Humane Society.
As it turned out, his wild ride was just beginning!
Finally, there was some good new in this whole mess. Thanks to some smart planning, Ikea had microchipped her pooch years before, so the Humane Society had all the information needed to contact her! But there was still one major problem…

Zimba was still 1,000 miles away! It might’ve seemed like an easy trip for a dog lover, but with a full-time job and a couple of kids to care for, Zimba might as well have been on another planet. Ultimately, Ikea didn’t have the time or resources to reach her beloved dog.
Still, the folks at the Caroline County Humane Society weren’t about to twiddle their thumbs. First, they contacted airlines that might give Zimba a ride, but none would do so. Then, they called the Humane Society in Wichita. They, too, had no answers.

All proposed solutions fell through, and eventually, the Humane Society was back to square one. Meanwhile, animal control officer Kaitlyn Noffsinger—the woman who had first picked up Zimba—was keeping her boyfriend, Zach Holt, up to date on all the ongoing drama.
As a dog lover and former animal control employee, Zach was particularly affected by Ikea and Zimba’s story. In his eyes, life without his own dog and cat would have been unbearable, so he could only imagine Ikea’s plight.
As Zach told the local CBS affiliate WJZ-TV, referring to his own dog, “I can’t imagine my right-hand man being gone that long.” Indeed, the man loved his pets, and that sentiment got him thinking: what could he do to help his fellow pet owner?

Zach quickly had his answer. “I’m a bartender,” he told WJZ-TV. “I strictly work, you know, the weekends and Monday and I have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday off. And four days is plenty of time to get to Kansas and back, so I said, ‘Why not?'”
What did Zach charge for such a trip? Nothing. Nada. Zero dollars. Out of an understanding of Ikea’s love for her dog, Zach simply said he would make the four-day, 1,300-mile drive for free. Nonetheless, the Humane Society made a contribution…
“Zach is doing this strictly as a volunteer, asking for nothing,” a Humane Society employee wrote. “However, we are incredibly grateful and need to try to raise money to cover his gas, tolls, and other expenses incurred.” After all, driving ain’t free.
So on December 5, 2017, Zach loaded Zimba into his car and the two were off. For most of the trip, Zimba simply slept. Maybe Zach didn’t have the pup’s favorite songs on his road-trip playlist…

For a total of 20 hours, Zach, along with this dog he’d never met before the trip, cruised down the highway en route to Wichita. Meanwhile, back in Kansas, Ikea anxiously awaited the return of her dog.
It was a wet night when Zach finally pulled up outside Ikea’s house. The long-lost dog made a happy beeline across the yard toward his owner, who dropped to her knees to greet him. Just like that, they were reunited! And Zach? Well, he had some amazing thoughts about it all…
“If people just try,” Zach explained to KWCH News, “that’ll make a difference. I guess that’s one of the messages… Just try. All I had to do was sacrifice a little bit of time to get him back here.”
“It’s more than worth it,” Zach continued. “It’s very fulfilling.” Still, it took something extraordinary to inspire someone to drive 1,300 miles and back for a complete stranger. That something? Understanding the love for animals.

With Zach still on her front lawn, Ikea held back tears as she gave Zimba much-needed affection. “I’m very, very thankful,” she told KWCH News. “I’m, like, speechless ’cause I really can’t believe he drove all the way here.”
If you think about your own pets and how much you love them, you wouldn’t second guess why Zach did what he did. It’s easy to see why he felt compelled to reunite a family with their dog—and thank goodness that he did!
For some people, it might be tough to drive even 15 minutes to return a stranger’s dog, let alone 20 hours over several days. No doubt, Zach’s efforts were an incredibly generous feat!

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