Butterbean, The Bull Terrier Who Loved Every Animal She Met, Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Some dogs just have a way of giving back to those in need, no matter what species they are. It can be incredible to know that one canine can make a difference in so many creatures’ lives, without asking for anything in return.
Image Credit: BarkPost
Butterbean was one such dog who wanted nothing more than to love every animal she met.
She was a bull terrier who lived at the Rocky Ridge Refuge who sadly passed away unexpectedly from complications during a tooth extraction surgery.
Butterbean’s mom took her home after surgery, during which she’d aspirated on some liquid during the procedure.

She never seemed to recover since then, as she never perked back to normal and got more and more sick with each passing day.
It turned out that she had a terrible case of pneumonia that left her with a terribly high fever.
But even with the best treatment in the world, she succumbed to her disease eventually.
These photos show just how much of a lovable pooch Butterbean was, as she provides comfort to a wide variety of animals that lived at Rocky Ridge Refuge.

From donkeys and goats, to other puppies and even a miniature horse, Butterbean knew how to give them exactly what they needed to feel at home.
There wasn’t a single animal who didn’t feel welcome after they met Butterbean.
Her memory will continue to live on in the memory of her dog mama and the other animals she’d come to take care of long after she’s gone.
This is one pooch who definitely made an impact in many creatures’ lives.
Image Credit: Janice Wolf/Facebook
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