Entire Community Comes Together To Save A Bull Elephant Stuck In Mud

It goes without saying that most people would do just about anything in their power to help an animal in need. The only problem, however, is that some animal rescues are easier than others.
While dogs and cats might be easiest enough to corral, some animals in danger are simply too large to help. In these situations, the rescuer can only do so much before the physical limitations of reality set in. It’s unfortunate, but true.

Take, for instance, this gigantic bull elephant at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. He recently found himself in serious danger after being sucked into the thick mud of a semi-dry well. Getting out, however, was going to be extremely difficult…
By the time community members found him in his extremely precarious situation, he was severely dehydrated and exhausted. The people knew that if they wanted to save the poor animal’s life, they would have to act fast. So they leapt into action.

They assumed that the elephant likely hadn’t had water in several hours, which guaranteed death in the blistering African heat. Thankfully, rescuers were able to provide some relief while they tried to come up with a plan.
After giving the elephant some water, it was time for the hard part. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy enlisted in the help of Save the Elephants, Northern Rangelands Trust, and several community members to rescue the distressed pachyderm. Right away, they got to work…
It took a group of dedicated rescuers, several ropes, 25 gallons of water, three cars, and four excruciating hours of pulling and digging in order to pull the gigantic bull elephant from the mud.

Thankfully, their efforts were not in vain! “The joint team managed to get him out and he walked away,” the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy reported happily. They couldn’t believe the amount of work that it took, but they felt so lucky to have gotten the animal out at all.
When veterinarians checked on the elephant the following day, he seemed to be doing well. He was incredibly fortunate that a group of rescuers saw what was happening and didn’t hesitate to leap into action to save his precious life.

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