Man Rescues Bald Creature Running Through The Desert

When Matt Bentley was doing some off-roading in Utah, he spotted something out of the corner of his eye running through the desert. It was a large completely bald animal.
When Bentley got closer to the animal to investigate, he realized that the creature was actually a dog who had lost all her hair. The poor animal was sunburned, covered in scabs and extremely thin. She was barely clinging to live alone in the hot sun. Bentley called her over and she walked right up to him.
man rescues bald dog
“She had probably been out there forever,” Bentley said. “She was miles from anyone.”
The dog was clearly desperate for help and more than willing to jump into Bentley’s car. Even though she knew she was safe, she could not stop shaking and trying to itch her already inflamed the skin.
man rescues bald dog
Bentley rushed her to a nearby animal hospital who got in touch with Utah Animal Adoption Center, who offered to sponsor her care. The shelter manager, Lila Oulson, couldn’t believe her eyes once she finally met the dog.
“I was shocked,” Oulson said. “I’d never seen anything like her before. Her paw pads are so red that every step she takes, you can just tell it hurts her to walk. She’s so itchy that she just sits there and cries from the pain.”
man rescues bald dog
Oulson named her Kelly, which means warrior in Gaelic. It is unknown where she came from, but it’s likely she was a stray or was even dumped there by her previous owner.  Kelly is estimated to be between 7 and 10 years old.
“She’s a little fighter to be alive through everything she’s been through,” Oulson said. “I have no idea how she survived. Judging by how skinny she is and the condition of her skin, we’re guessing that she had to have been out there for at least three months.”
Kelly is currently on antibiotics to help ward off infection from her mange and is already starting to feel a little relief after only a few days of care. Her overgrown nails have finally been cut and Oulson hopes that she will be well enough to get a bath to help soothe her irritated skin.
man rescues bald dog
“Within two to three weeks, the mites will hopefully be gone and she’ll start the slow process of growing her hair back,” Oulson said. “Right now, we have no idea what type of dog she is — she could be a hound mix, or she could be a poodle.”
It did not taken Kelly long to show rescuers how much she appreciates their giving her the care she so desperately needed.
man rescues bald dog
Once she is healthy enough, Kelly will be spayed and put up for adoption.
“She’s just a sweet girl — as sweet as could be,” Oulson added. “She just wants to be with somebody. She’s in isolation right now because her mites are contagious, but we’ll suit up in proper clothing and just sit with her. Dogs just have this resilience even when people do bad things to them … She’s definitely one of them.”

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