Rescue Workers Find 10 Newborn Puppies In Trash Bin

For the last ten years, Stacey Silverstein has been rescuing abused and neglected dogs. She has seen some really horrific sites,  but a recent incident really got her steamed—someone had left 10 puppies in a bin outside a shelter on a cold day.
“They were left in that bin like trash,” Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said. “They were just thrown in there — piled like garbage, thrown in like trash. There was no care, no respect. Awful.”
puppies dumped trash can

When a worker at a rural shelter in Del Rio, Texas, opened the door, she discovered the bin with the puppies near the entrance.
It was freezing that day about 30 degrees Fahrenheit and had the puppies stayed outside any longer, they would have perished.
puppies dumped trash can

The puppies were sickly and skinny.
“We thought that they were like a week or two old, but in fact, they’re 3 or 4 weeks old,” Silverstein said. “They’re so malnourished, they look like they’re a week old.”
puppies dumped trash can

The word spread when a shelter volunteer wrote a post about the puppies on Facebook. Leslie Ysuhuaylas, who volunteers for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in Texas, picked up the puppies and placed them into a good foster home. Unfortunately, one of the puppies died, but the others are still holding on.
puppies dumped trash can

“They look good; they’re in great hands and they’ve had medical treatment,” Silverstein said. “One is not doing well, so [the foster mom is] basically carrying that one wherever she goes.”
Silverstein explained it will be awhile before they are adopted because they need to regain their health, and they have a lot of growing up to do.
puppies dumped trash can

Silverstein and her rescue partner, Jackie O’Sullivan, will move the puppies to New York City, and ensure that they find good stable homes and that no one will dump them ever again.

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