Teen Reels In 650-Pound ‘Pig Nose’ Fish Who’s Been A Town Legend For 40 Years

Water is just about everywhere. It is in the air (as vapor), in the icecaps and glaciers, and in the oceans. According to the United States Geological Survey, about 71 percent of the surface of the Earth is water. Much of what lies deep beneath the sea remains a mystery. Before you continue reading this story please know that the fishes reeled in were all released without any harm!
Earlier this month, a startling discovery was made in British Columbia by 19-year-old Nick McCabe. Nick, a guide at River Monster Adventures, is known as the “Sturgeon Whisperer.” When Nick brings in a large fish, the company microchips and tags them and releases them. Local legend says there is one sturgeon that has eluded capture for decades.
River Monster Adventures takes clients out to look for sturgeon that lurk beneath the surface at Fraser River in Lillooet. British Columbia. Here is one sturgeon that was about seven feet long!
A pair of seven foot long sturgeon!
Then on August 23, Nick found the biggest sturgeon yet! It weighed a staggering 650 pounds, was 10 feet long, and is estimated to be about 80 years old!
pig nose fish

This massive fish is called “Pig Nose” because of his nose. Until Nick, no one has managed to reel in Pig Nose, who has been part of local legends for 40 years.
Pig Nose probably suffered an injury that caused his nose to heal into the unusual shape. Most sturgeon have more pointy noses. After a two-hour battle, Nick reeled in his catch!
News of Nick’s catch spread fast, and Nick has become a hometown hero. Here is the final photo taken before Pig Nose was released.
pig nose fish

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