Vet Operating On Black Lab Ends Up Removing A Mass Of Insane Objects From His Stomach

Dog owners know that their pooches can be a never-ending source of happiness. They also know that these same lovable buddies can be massive sources of stress. Two sisters from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, named Sidney and Sara learned that all too well one day.
Their eight-year-old black Labrador, Tiki, just loved playing in their spacious backyard and getting his belly rubbed. He was certainly a good boy… well, most of the time. See, even good doggies cause major trouble!

One day, the sisters noticed something was wrong with their beloved Labrador. He wasn’t playing and he didn’t seem very happy. He just wasn’t himself. So they brought Tiki to the veterinarian to see if they could find out what was wrong…
The veterinarian, Dr. Hisham Ibrahim, took an X-ray—and was shocked. “I see this big huge thing,” he told Inside Edition, “and I’m not quite sure if it’s some kind of foreign body or if there’s something going on.” Whatever it was, he knew that there was something terribly wrong going on inside Tiki.

Dr. Ibrahim delivered the bad news to the sisters: the mass could be cancerous and would need to be removed immediately. The sisters agreed, and Tiki underwent an emergency operation. That was when they discovered there was more to Tiki’s condition than met the eye…
Once Dr. Ibrahim performed the surgery, it didn’t take long to discover the source of Tiki’s pain and discomfort. The good news was that it wasn’t cancer that had upset the poor pup’s stomach, but rather, something the doctor had never seen before!
It turned out Tiki was a hound in more than a literal sense—because he had actually swallowed eight whole pairs of underwear! “It was incredibly shocking,” Emily told Inside Edition. And that wasn’t even the half of it.

Of course, learning that their beloved dog had been consuming copious amounts of underwear was some sort of relief for the sisters. Still, the veterinarian was a bit perplexed by Tiki’s bizarre snack choice…
“Well, we identified some of the underwear as my own,” said one of the sisters in an interview, a little embarrassed. The other sister—equally red in the face—chimed in, too: “And some is mine… but not all.”

While Labradors are known for their ravenous appetites, consuming undies is usually not part of their diet. Even more, the underwear wasn’t the only thing that Dr. Ibrahim found inside Tiki’s tummy that day…
Alongside the underwear were a whopping 62 hair ties! “We never really noticed that they were all gone,” one sister said. Still, you have to be curious how long Tiki had been indulging on hair-ties and underwear before he finally felt their effects on his belly…
With each item he removed, the veterinarian grew more and more shocked. “I found this hair band attached to another hair band,” he explained to reporters. “[Then] to another one to another one, and to other things again.”

As was the case with their underwear, the sisters never even noticed their hair ties were disappearing. “We never really noticed that they were all gone,” they told reporters. Clearly, Tiki was good at hiding his snacking habits.
Every time the veterinarian thought he was finished, he found even more hair ties. “Doctor I. started pulling handfuls of different items out. It was quite an experience to see,” his assistant, Emily Cottle, recalled. “It was just amazing, and it’s not easy.”
Shockingly, that wasn’t the only time the doctor had pulled foreign objects from a pooch’s belly. In fact, he recalled one dog that had an affinity for eating baby pacifiers, having eaten 15 in total!

Dogs will forever gnaw on something they shouldn’t, but Tiki’s snack choice took the cake. “I was there for the pacifiers, and many other different items,” Emily told reporters, “but not something [as] big [as Tiki’s assortment].”
When all was said and done, the grand total of items found in Tiki’s belly was astounding. “Four rubber bands, a Band-Aid, eight pairs of underwear, and 62 hair bands is a lot to be in a dog’s stomach. Especially [one] of Tiki’s size,” Emily explained.

Everyone has heard of dogs devouring children’s homework, but recent research show that our four-legged friends are more likely to munch on underwear than pieces of paper. What’s the appeal, anyway?
Researchers say that dogs are likely to eat their owner’s clothing because it carries their scent. And while it might not be their initial intention to ingest your undergarments, it can certainly happen by accident!
Now, veterinarians everywhere are warning pet owners with curious dogs like Tiki how important is it to put clothing away in drawers, closets, and hampers. After all, it could wind up being the difference between life and death!

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