Deputy Donates Bike To Woman Who Walked 12 Miles To And From Work

It Followed Her
She noticed the car through her peripheral vision and walked faster. Meanwhile, the vehicle was driving slowly towards the curb. As it approached, she kept her head down and kept on walking. But the car got closer and closer. Please... not today, she thought to herself. Then she heard the driver honking his horn. She took a quick glance and noticed the blue and red lights. It was a cop car.

Unfinished Business
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
Sgt. Scott Bass from the Nash County Sheriff’s Office noticed a familiar figure on the road ahead as he drove along in his cruiser. He was near the Stone Gate Mobile Home Community, and hoped he might see her. He had some unfinished business with her, and there was no way he was going to be denied the opportunity.

It Rained All Day
CBS 17 / Youtube
Jaylesya Corbett was heading to Bojangles in the middle of a rainstorm. To make things worse, her umbrella was taken out of her hand by a strong gust of wind as she tried opening it. She still had a long walk ahead of her. But she continued carrying on through the street and was always mindful of the pools of water near her feet. It was a bad day and she wasn’t in the mood to run into a cop today.

Daily Routine
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
Despite the fact that she picked a pair of comfortable sneakers, Corbett’s feet were wet and in pain. To make things worse, she could feel a bunch of blisters forming. But this was a normal routine for her. She walked to Bojangles in the cold and then walked back home. It was a 12-mile walk on foot, but her family was counting on her. Then, one day, a cop stopped her, and her whole life changed.

Judgment Day
CBS 17 / Youtube
He pulled up slowly, rolled his window down, and asked her to approach him. She had nowhere to go, so she decided to stop ignoring him. She was afraid, her heart pounded loudly in her chest. She knew she was in big trouble. But she couldn’t avoid her fate. Judgment day had come for her.

Total Confusion
CBS 17 / Youtube
She noticed the words “Sheriff, Nash County” on the side of the cruiser as she approached it slowly. Cautiously, she walked up to the driver’s window and prepared for what was to come. Then Sgt. Bass spoke, but even as she heard the words, she had a tough time processing what he was saying. Then, the haze from her brain dissipated. Her eyes widened as confusion turned into surprise.

Get In
CBS 17 / Youtube
Sgt. Bass told her she had to get out of the street. Then, he asked her to get into his car. In sheer panic, she did her best to tell him that she had to get to Bojangles. Her livelihood depended on it, but that didn’t matter to him. She realized there was no sense in arguing with the officer, so she got into the vehicle. He now held her entire fate in the palm of his hands.

Was He Taking Her In For Questioning?
CBS 17 / Youtube
She sat in the vehicle in silence. A part of her wondered what he was going to do to her. Was he taking her to the station? She behaved nervously and then realized that looking anxious would lead to a misunderstanding. She continued glancing at him as he drove carefully across the rain. Not once did he take his eyes off the road.

Flooded With Concern
CBS 17 / Youtube
Cop or not, this guy had told her to get into his vehicle, and she did. In retrospect, she realized she should have kept going. Now, she was stuck in an uncomfortable predicament. He was a cop, but was he a good guy? And where was he driving her to? Her mind was flooded with concern. Then, she saw the sign through the windshield. He was driving towards Bojangles, her workplace.

Extreme Generosity
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
As he drove to the Sheriff’s Office of Nash County, Sgt. Bass noticed Corbett’s Bojangles uniform. It broke his heart seeing her make a 12-mile trek to her job every day on foot. It’s why he decided to give her a ride on that rainy day. He figured that no one deserved to walk in the middle of a rainstorm without an umbrella. But this was only the beginning of the police officer’s extreme generosity.

Life-Altering Plan
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
Corbett welcomed the officer’s kind gesture. After all, it took two hours to walk to Bojangles, and two hours to head back home. Sgt. Bass decided to offer her a ride every time the weather was bad, and she was very grateful to him. But Sgt. Bass was blown away by her determination to provide for her family. So, he reached out to a local Walmart to see if there was anything they could do. Then, he did something that was life-altering.

New Wheels

Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
Sgt. Bass told Corbett that he wanted to meet up with her. This made her nervous. She was afraid he was going to chastise her for something, but she didn’t have the faintest clue as to what she could have done wrong. Then, he asked her to come over, and she complied, but she wasn’t sure what would happen next. Then, he took something out of his car. It was a new Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser bicycle, and he presented it to her.

Lessen Her Burden
CBS 17 / Youtube
“I wanted to help Jaylesya because she walks six miles to work every day regardless of the temperature, rain or shine, stands on her feet during her entire shift and walks six miles under the same conditions back to her home — and that is truly admirable. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her and wanted somehow to lessen her burden of that 12-mile walk,” Sgt. Bass explained.

Over 6,000 Views
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
The special moment was recorded and posted by CBS 17 on YouTube. It quickly gained more than 6,000 views and tons of comments. Then, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office added a post that commemorated Sgt. Bass’ act of kindness, and the community was extremely touched. The Sheriff’s Office was also happy to have such a generous cop who was willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

What Would You Do?
Nash County Sheriff's Office / Facebook
“I was shocked,” Corbett explained, “I didn’t think it was real.” She was very grateful to the officer and also relieved that she wouldn’t have to walk so many miles on foot. It touched her heart that a random stranger was willing to go out of his way to help someone in the community. Would you have been as generous?

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