Man Adopts Wild Baby Animal And Leaves Onlookers Startled Years Later

Whether we’re caught up in a bustling city or laid back in the comfort of our own homes, it’s easy to forget that humans aren’t necessarily at the top of the food chain. There are beasts out there that can easily hunt us down if we are unlucky enough to cross their path.
For this Canadian man, encounters with deadly predators are as commonplace as brushing your teeth. But even with all his experience, he never expected to form an attachment to one of nature’s most efficient killers. He then laid out a bold plan for the beast, one that no one else would dare try.
Mark Dumas of Abbotsford, British Columbia seems like a pretty typical guy. He is happily married and has a steady job in film production. Mark’s daily life, however, is anything but normal.

If you were to approach his home, you would notice troubling signs, like strange claw marks on the trees or growls echoing nearby. Could Mark be in danger?
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Don’t worry about any predators going after Mark! He’s actually an animal trainer for TV and movies, so he’s been wrangling all manners of critters his entire adult life.
He has lent his talents to huge blockbusters like X2: X-Men United, but Mark’s biggest accomplishment is something that’s happened off-camera.
Mark raised a polar bear from the time that it was just eight weeks old. The cub lived in a zoo with an older mother that couldn’t care for it, so Mark took her in.
He raised her specifically to appear in the 1996 adventure film Alaska, in which a polar bear cub helps two children find their father in the wilderness.
The film, to be frank, was forgettable, but Mark formed a special bond with the bear during production. He even gave her a name: Agee.
Agee came to view Mark as her parent and playmate. It seemed cruel to return her to a zoo somewhere, so Mark concocted a bold plan — one to bring Agee home with him.
Ever since, Agee has lived with Mark up in Canada, with plenty of room to roam around and her own pool to splash in. That sure beats the cramped zoo enclosure where she was born!
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Fences surround the polar bear’s home, but Agee is anything but wild. Mark trained her to do all kinds of tricks, and the two of them spend just about every day together.
However, Agee can get a little bit ‘cranky’ when someone is diverting Mark’s attention away from her. She’s very possessive of her adoptive dad…
She thinks that the only place Mark belongs is right by her side, where she can keep an eye — or a mouth — on him. Of course, she would never dream of harming him.
Even though she would be a deadly predator in the wild, Agee loves nothing more than to cuddle and play with Mark. He’s her entire world.
When Agee spends time with him, she makes a low, guttural humming sound — similar to a cat’s purr. But because it’s coming from a creature of over eight hundred pounds, it sounds more like an engine revving.
Outsiders can hardly believe it when they see Mark rolling around with Agee and letting her rub her powerful jaw all over his face. Of course, they need to watch this unfold from a distance. 
Agee is only accustomed to so much human contact. Mark explained, ‘If anyone else tried this they’d end up as Agee’s dinner. The only people she likes are me and my wife Dawn.’
A few years ago, however, Agee got some competition. Mark and Dawn adopted Billy, a grizzly bear, to expand their stable of animal performers.
But if Agee is jealous of Billy, she keeps it to herself. As a seasoned actor, she knows how to be professional around other animals. She’s so classy that she even enjoys high tea!
Plus, Agee will always remain the apple of Mark’s eye. After all, no other polar bear on earth has a bond like the one she has with Mark. 
And even after 18 years, Agee is far from retired! The showbiz bear still gets steady work, including a starring role in this Nissan commercial.
It is astounding how this polar bear has built such a close and personal bond with a human being.
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