Cat Who Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Entirely Opens Up After Meeting Rescued Kitten

About a year ago, Jazmin Felder heard meowing coming from a tree in her yard. When she found a stray tabby cat in trouble, she knew she had to help him, no matter if she has room for a new cat in her house with four other cats or not.
“I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me,” Felder said. “And every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love.”
Jazmin Felder
Felder had no idea how the cat, now named Buddy, had been hiding between the branches but she knew he was relieved to see her.
“He was at the very top, and he was so happy to see someone he came running down to me,” Felder said. “We brought him inside, and he was so happy to be there.”
Jazmin Felder
Buddy seemed to be very grateful that he was finally in safe hands. However, he liked keeping to himself and didn’t seem to make friends with Felder’s other cats. Felder had decided that Buddy would always be a loner, but that was only right until six months later, when a 5-week-old kitten, Hannah, was added to the family.
Felder had found the kitten abandoned under a nearby home and once again, had decided to take her in.
Jazmin Felder
Hannah and Buddy were nothing like each other. Hannah was affectionate and outgoing, while Buddy was serious and withdrawn.
“She’s extremely playful, and loves to cuddle up with you and sleep,” Felder said. “She will run around with our dogs like she’s one too.”
The two cats wouldn’t have gotten along in any other situation. But here, it was the first time Buddy was curious about another cat.
Jazmin Felder
“When we first brought Hannah home, Buddy instantly came to see her,” Felder noted. “He has always been reserved and shy, but from the first moment of meeting her his entire personality changed.”
Now, after months of Hannah at the house, Buddy is inseparable with her. They are usually found cuddling on the kitchen counter. Buddy often protectively drapes his paw around Hannah.
Jazmin Felder
“They don’t just show affection while grooming one another, they hug and comfort each other,” Felder said. “When friends and family visit they all tease how they want a love like Buddy and Hannah.”
“I think they cuddle and hug each other because they really do care for one another,” Felder added.
Now, Hannah is the most precious thing for Buddy, who once used to be a lonely cat. He continually shows her how much he cares for her.
“Buddy will take food and give it to Hannah before he starts to eat himself,” Felder noted. “They enjoy batting cat toys back and forth, and seeing who can reach the top of the stairs first. We are sure Buddy lets Hannah win!”
Jazmin Felder
Moreover, because of Hannah, the walls Buddy had built all around him have come down! He has become friendlier with other cats too! All the six cats are now one big and happy family. “When you come across one cuddled up and sleeping the next thing you see is all five of the others right there as well,” Felder said.
As for Felder, nothing is as blissful as watching Hannah and Buddy’s blooming friendship. She said, “Seeing the bond they have formed together and seeing how Hannah brings out his happiness melts my heart.”

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