Husky Who Spent 15 Years Chained and Living Near Waste Finally Gets Rescued

Cloud, the husky, has lived his entire life chained outside. Even though Huskies are known for their tolerance of cold, they still are living beings, and everything has its limit. They deserve living inside loving homes, too!
Cloud has spent 15 long years of his life without ever stepping inside his owner’s house and living all alone every day in his own waste.
Then, something horrible happened. But it was a miracle in disguise for the poor pooch. The roof of his owner’s house collapsed because of bad caretaking. A lot of people arrived to investigate the collapsed house. That’s when they saw poor Cloud living outside, held back by a heavy chain.
Animals are only allowed outside alone for 30 minutes maximum in extreme temperatures according to the law. Because Cloud was also chained up and living around waste, people called SPCA immediately.
The volunteers from SPCA, upon arrival, explained to the owner that he was clearly violating the law and the owner agreed to surrender Cloud to them.
The volunteers noticed a large mass near his hindquarters. Upon taking Cloud to the vet, it was confirmed to be a tumor. However, he couldn’t go through a surgery because he was too old. Not only that, but the vet also revealed that cloud was deaf. Cloud was very unsettled at the shelter. He kept on pacing around and barely slept. So SPCA asked Senior Dog Haven and Hospice if they would foster Cloud. When the rescue’s head visited Cloud, she couldn’t be sadder. According to her, he had no idea how to function. He kept walking into things and he was stressed out all the time. Because he had never been indoors, things there go over his head.
Then, the head of the hospice group agreed to bring with home with her but he was so stressed and unsettled that he just couldn’t be inside. Moreover, Cloud wanted to do nothing with people. Every time someone approached him, he would run away and hide in a corner. Finally, he found a comfortable spot in the house—in the laundry room. He stayed there for an entire 24 hours. Then, something unexpected happened.
Cloud’s foster mom went to the laundry room for some chores and then felt a paw on her foot. Surprisingly, upon looking down, she saw Cloud nudging her! He continued doing it until she sat down and pet him. And, when she stopped, he pawed her again and gave her a kiss!
Cloud had finally realized that he was in a safe place and that his new foster family adored him. He finally started trusting people again.
Cloud went on to live happily in his foster home until his story got the ultimate happy ending!

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