Man Brutally Buries Dog’s Half Body and Ties Her Leash To Gravel Sack

A man named Pedro Dinis was walking his dog near Paris when he saw something horrible. Someone had tried to bury a French Mastiff alive. Half of the poor dog’s body was buried in the earth and half of it was covered in dirt.
The dehydrated and starving dog had dirt caked around her eyes. She even had a leash on that was tied to a sack of gravel so she wouldn’t run away.
Pedro Dinis
Thankfully, Dinis reached there just in time to set the poor dog free from the dog. Even his dog helped by digging a hole in the dirt around the pup.
Pedro Dinis
After setting the dog free, Dinis called the police. It is a well- known fact that Paris is strictly against abusing animals. Therefore, an investigation was started quickly to find out the person who did all that.
Pedro Dinis
The police eventually tracked down /the owner of the dog, who was then charged with animal cruelty and needs to face up to two years of jail.
Fortunately enough, the dog was well taken care of. Now, a beautiful loving family has adopted her and she couldn’t be happier about it.
Pedro Dinis
Dinis had posted the story with pictures on his Facebook page and it went viral immediately, sparking outrage among animal- lovers all over the world. The post has now more than 150,000 shares. Although it has made Dinis quite popular, he says that he didn’t post it for the attention. He posted it to raise awareness against animal cruelty.

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