Pit Bull Obsessed With Cats Finally Gets His Own Litter Of Kittens

Ozzy, the pit bull, is obsessed with cats for as long as his family can remember. So, when they adopted a cat brother for him named Norm, his happiness knew no bounds. Unfortunately, Norm was not very tolerant of Ozzy.
“The grumpy old man just tells him to fluff off,” Jennifer Lajeniss, Ozzy’s mom, said.
Nevertheless, Ozzy never stops trying. She has an amazing life, otherwise. He has many other things that make him happy, like his best friend, his 5-year-old human brother. He also has the weirdest obsession. According to Lajeniss, he has a “serious foot fetish!”
Lajeniss is the sweetest cat ever and he also adores babies. He makes sure to stick his head into every stroller he sees to say hi and shower the baby with kisses.
Ozzy also loves animals, He sees a potential best friend in every animal he meets, especially cats. That is why Norm’s rude behaviour frustrates him so much. He really wanted a cat to call his very own.
Thankfully, he has a family who really understands his interests. Lajeniss took in a pregnant cat named Winnie over the summer and soon, she gave birth to 5 healthy babies! Ozzy has not been able to contain himself ever since!
Whenever Ozzy hears them cry, he runs to them with all the concern. He is very nurturing and protective towards them. Moreover, he can’t stop wagging his tail whenever he is with them!
Even the kittens love him a lot. They crawl all over him. And their mama couldn’t be happier about having someone to look after them while she takes a break from all the nursing.
When it’s time, Lajeniss has decided to put four of the kittens up for adoption and then adopting Winnie and one of them herself! She definitely knows Ozzy can’t handle not having a kitten anymore. So, she could definitely do that for him!

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