Shelter Almost Shot This Tiny Dog That Nobody Wanted To Adopt

Rescuers knew that Martha, the Chihuahua-Maltese mix, was special ever since they first met her. Although she only had little hair left on her body, she had large eyes and a grin that was permanently stuck on her face. However, she almost had to face the worst fate.
Bianca Stockley
An overcrowded rural shelter in Australia picked Martha up first as a stray. The staffers there thought that the best they could do for the poor thing was to put her to sleep. Thankfully, Pets Haven Animal Shelter didn’t agree.
“Martha was dumped in a high-kill pound,” Pets Haven Animal Shelter wrote on Instagram. “The ranger was going to shoot her as he didn’t think anyone would want her.”
Bianca Stockley
The shelter was able to pull the little dog out of trouble and bring her to safety at the last minute. On visiting the vet, the staffers of the shelter discovered that she had many more issues than just a little patch of fur or itchy skin.
Martha was also suffering from a disorder called dry eye and a severe heart murmur. In addition, she was completely deaf. She needed so much of attention, time and expenses that her rescuers couldn’t help but deem her unfit for adoption.
Bianca Stockley
Nevertheless, luck favoured Martha again when one of the vets who was treating her, Bianca Stockley, let her sleep in a real bed for the night.
“I took her home, and within a matter of hours fell so in love with her,” Stockley said.
Bianca Stockley
After that, Stockley became Martha’s forever foster mom and under her turf, Martha didn’t take long to start improving.
“The first few weeks were really tough whilst I sorted out her medication regime, but now she is absolutely thriving,” Stockley said. “Her fur is starting to grow back, and she is a lot more ‘floofy.’”
Bianca Stockley
The once neglecte3d dog is learning what life with family is for the very first time and she couldn’t be happier. She never leaves her mom alone—not even at work!
“She loves to wander around the clinic and say ‘Hi’ to all the dogs, cats and of course people that come in,” Stockley said. “Everyone who meets her can’t help but fall in love with her.”
Other than acting as an unofficial mascot for her mom’s clinic, Martha enjoys begging for chicken nuggets and cuddling with her rescue siblings, Daisy and Fat Carlos.
Bianca Stockley
They couldn’t be happier to welcome Martha in the family and get her in their wacky pack. “Martha and Carlos sleep together every night and I often wake up to them ‘spooning,’” Stockley noted.
Bianca Stockley
Talking about her mom, she is smitten completely by her sweet and unique personality. “Martha has touched so many people in her short time with me,” Stockley added. “I have had many, many foster dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, but none will ever be as special as my Marfie.”
Bianca Stockley
“I simply cannot understand how humans failed her so bad in her previous life,” Stockley added. “I am so thankful for every single day I get to be with her.”

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