Woman Heroically Escapes Wildfire With A 70 Pound Dog In Her Duffel Bag On A Bike

A college student named Natasha Wallace was studying on campus in Santa Rosa when the flames of a recent wildfire in California started to ignite. After her class, she drove back home and started noticing huge flames along the way. The life was in danger, as the fire was spreading at a great speed.
“It was like a flamethrower,” she says.
On arriving home, Natasha rushed to throw a couple of duffel bags into the trunk of her car. She certainly couldn’t forget her best friend, Bentley. As she started to drive to safety, she couldn’t go very far due to traffic.
Without thinking again, Natasha took her bicycle out and signaled her dog to come to her. She emptied one of the two duffel bags, where the pooch hopped right in. Then, with a 70-pound dog in a bag slung around her neck, Natasha pedaled right away from her car. She left most of her things and her car behind, however, that didn’t matter.
In an interview, Natasha stated: “I knew the only thing that mattered was my dog. That was it.”
She pedaled until she was two miles away from the fire. During the ride, Bentley remained obedient.
Luckily, a truck driver saw them and offered to give them a ride to safety. However, Natasha had lost all her belongings and her house.
Yet, she doesn’t hesitate to say that Bentley was the most important thing to her. She happily states: “You can pack hundreds of dollars worth of material things, but my dog is priceless!”
The inseparable pair has been living at one of Natasha’s relative’s house until she finds a new place for them to live.
What a strong choice to make!

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