Woman Tries To Lure Cat To Safety From Tiniest Hiding Place For Hours

One day, while walking home from work, Elysia Caris heard faint meows.  Upon looking around, she found a paw showing from inside a tiny space under a gate. When she bent down to get a better look, she discovered a little cat, curled up into the cold and dirty crawl space.
Elysia Caris
Because the crawl space was very tiny, Caris couldn’t reach the cat and pull him out from there. So she went to a nearby store and bought some cat food. She tried to lure the cat, now named Ying, out with it but to no avail. According to neighbours, he had been there for weeks and needed immediate help. Despite that, he refused to get out of the crawl space. Not even food was able to change his mind.
Elysia Caris
“He poked his head out and came out just a tiny bit, but would dart back in if a car passed or if I got too close,” Caris said. “I stayed for about an hour trying to get him out of there before I got too cold and had to go in. I didn’t want to leave him, though.”
Caris wanted to help Ying desperately but he was too scared. So, she just pushed the cat- food can under the crawl space in hopes of Ying gaining some strength. She then left for home. However, she couldn’t stop thinking about the poor cat.
Elysia Caris
“I felt like he was already my cat,” Caris said. “I just couldn’t leave him there. It makes me sad envisioning him in that cold space for as long as he had been.”
Caris went back to the place the first thing the next morning and checked to see if Ying was still there. To her delight, he was. So, she decided that this time, she wouldn’t give up until the cat was in her arms.
Elysia Caris
“I, again, got a can of food and this time put some on my hands to get him out of the gap,” Caris said. “He got closer and closer and proceeded to eat from my hands. When he finally wriggled all the way out, I scooped him up and took him home.”
In the beginning, Ying was very scared and meowed a lot. But then he began relaxing ad purring in her arms. Once home, Caris set a nice bed for Ying on the floor. He explored his new home for a little while and then immediately drifted off to sleep, all curled up in front of the heater.
Elysia Caris
When Caris took Ying to the vet, she realised that thankfully, he was not suffering from any health problem. Then, the vet cleaned him up and vaccinated him, making him ready to go home all fresh and new.
Now, Ying is happy in his new home with his mom. He loves her unconditionally and is obsessed with her. He never stops conveying his gratefulness to her.
Elysia Caris
“He circles around me if I’m sitting down and rubs against my legs when he wants to be picked up,” Caris said. “He’s been by my side ever since I took him in. I feel like he’s adopted me in a way!”

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