Workers In The Shelter Fall In Love With A Silly 28-Pound Cat

About a week ago, Jacksonville Humane Society welcomed Doughnut, the cat, when his owner was forced to give him up because her landlord was forcing her to. She loved him a lot and was heartbroken to take this step but she hopes someone amazing will adopt him.
When doughnut arrived at the shelter, everyone there couldn’t believe what they were looking at, because he is a typical cat in most ways, there is something striking about him—he has a weight of 28.6 pounds!
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While it is not sure how Doughnut came to weigh that much, his former owner said that he loves to eat and, by the looks of it, he lost control at some point. To be healthy, Doughnut needs to weigh around 13-15 pounds.
“He was surprisingly mobile but that weight is not healthy,” Lindsay Layendecker, senior manager of education and outreach at the Jacksonville Humane Society, said. “Cats needs to lose weight slowly and with a veterinarian’s guidance, otherwise it will cause other issues down the road.”
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At the shelter, Doughnut took a while to come out of his shell because he had no idea where he was or why he was there. Nevertheless, he soon began socializing with his friends at the shelter and made everyone realize that he was the sweetest fat cat.
“When he first came to us, he was understandably upset because he was in a new place,” Layendecker said. “We gave him a name of something sweet because we knew that he was really a sweet kitty deep down. Once he settled in, his sweetness began to shine and he would solicit pets and chin rubs from the staff.”
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After that, he has turned into the silliest cat ever.
Facebook/Victoria Police
He loves posing for photos and goofing around with literally anyone who wanted to accompany him.
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The shelter staffers were looking for a family who will commit to help him lose his weight and become healthier. So, they were not sure how long it would take to find the perfect family for Doughnut. However, it didn’t take long. The perfect family for Doughnut wanted him and now, he is already settled in his forever home.
Facebook/Victoria Police
“He is doing very well in his new home,” Layendecker said. “He is getting along with the other cat and his family was surprised that he jumped up into a kitchen chair! He has an appointment to see a vet next Friday and his family is excited to help him on his weight loss journey.”

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