Could He Be The Saddest Cat In The World? Yep Saddest Cat Just Pawed The Internet!

Cats. Can they express themselves as clearly as humans do? We all know they can’t. After all, they have no facial expressions to tell us they’re sad, happy, excited or scared, right? Wrong! Even cats have emotions, even they have feelings too and they can show it to us!
This cat, for example, just pawed the internet with his sad looking face, no matter how happy he really is! This is Maggie Liu’s cat Lulu and Lulu has been termed as the saddest cat in the world!
Check out the amazing photos:

 Playing with his mom’s jacket, he’s happy but his expressions tell us he’s thinking why the jacket has to be green instead of blue!

Image Credit: Instagram

 This is what Lulu looked like when he was just a tiny kitten! Like he’s got the world’s worries and stress on his shoulders…

Image Credit: Instagram

 He has a helping hand and his owner loves him to bits, but that expression…

Image Credit: Instagram

 These are Lulu’s brothers, but neither of them have sad faces, looks like Lulu didn’t want to take the picture in the first place!

Image Credit: Instagram

 Lulu gets to do whatever he wants at home, even climb on sofas, but oh that expression..

Image Credit: Instagram

 Lulu even has his own playground and he absolutely enjoys playing, but when you get close…

Image Credit: Instagram

 Though I’m not sure what he’s thinking about, but it looks like he’s really worried. Maybe it’s the squirrel, maybe the birds drinking from the bird feeder…oh the worries…

Image Credit: Instagram

 Can you refuse him a treat when he looks at you like this?

Image Credit: Instagram

 Or when you see him like this?

Image Credit: Instagram

 He has all the toys he could ever want, but that expression…looks like the ball is a little too small maybe…

Image Credit: Instagram

 That expression when you’re about to go to work…then you end up taking him with you, if you can…

Image Credit: Instagram

 He was probably stunned and worried for some obvious reason, although he was just being cuddled…

Image Credit: Instagram

 Someone give this kitty a break…

Image Credit: Instagram
This cat is definitely the saddest happiest cat in the world! Don’t forget to share this awesome post with your friends!

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