Dogs Are Dead Because The Recipe For THIS Household Staple Has Changed! Thank God I Know!

Not all human foods are suitable for dogs, and some can cause serious illnesses or even death. One ingredient that you should never give to your dog is called xylitol. A naturally sourced sugar substitute, Xylitol is safe for diabetics and has some dental benefits for humans.
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Xylitol is deadly to dogs. Manufacturers are now putting xylitol in peanut butter – which is loved by many dogs.
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The ASPCA says Xylitol is also found in nicotine gum, sugar-free gum and mints, chewable vitamins, baked goods and oral-care products.
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You can buy it in granulated form for use in baking or as a sweetener for beverages and cereals. Make sure you check your cupboards for these items to ensure you don’t feed them to your dog!
Even a tiny amount of Xylitol will cause a dangerous drop in your dog’s blood sugar and can lead to liver failure. Here is a chart that shows the toxic amounts for different size dogs.
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If you see your dog behaving like the dog pictured, doing what is called “head pressing” call your veterinarian immediately. Head pressing is a symptom of toxic poisoning, head trauma, a tumor, or a nervous system infection.
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Two peanut butter brands that contain Xylitol are Nuts ’N More® and Krush Nutrition. But it is important to check your labels for Xylitol.
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The safest option is to make your dog homemade peanut butter! Roast some peanuts, blend them up until they are to a consistency you like, add some salt – and voila! A safe and delicious treat for you and your dog!
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