Heartless Family Abandon Their Dog Because He Was ‘Ugly’

Bjarni (Norse for ‘bear’) was found living on the streets in Huntsville.
An animal control officer saw him and realized that Bjarni only had half of a nose. He was picked up and taken to the shelter.
Bjarni had a family, he wasn’t really a stray.
When the family was notified that their dog was at the shelter, they said they didn’t want him. How sad.
By all reports, the family took one look at him and refused to take him back.
The founder of St. Francis’ Angels, Anne Graber, was called. St. Francis is an animal rescue organization located in Texas.
Anne said she was willing to do what it took to make Bjarni happy and comfortable.
As you can imagine, Bjarni had some trouble eating and breathing.
But, he loves people and is a normal dog in every other respect.
dog surgery
It is believed that Bjarni had been in several dog attacks which may have caused his facial injuries, he also had a lot of bites and scars on his body.
Anne was able to reach out to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, and Dr. Jason Balara is going to try to fix Bjarni’s nose!
During the reconstructive surgery, Bjarni’s face was realigned so he can eat and breathe.
Bjarni has had his surgery and is recovering nicely.
Next on his agenda is to find a loving family to live out his days with.
Good Luck Bjarni!
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