Man Feeds 80 Stray Dogs A Day Because He Can’t Stand To See Them In Distress

This is an amazing and inspiring story. Michael Baines is a Swedish native who is now living and operating a restaurant in Thailand. One day, an infected and horribly malnourished mother dog approached Baines at his restaurant and he gave her food that she desperately needed.
That was a turning point for Baines. He steadily began to feed more and more streets dogs because he just couldn’t stand to see them suffer while he went to work or walked his own dogs (who also used to be street dogs) every single day.
Now he feeds about 80 street dogs each day in Thailand. He gives them a mixture of dog food, white rice, steamed fish, chicken, oil, and homemade broth. His operation does take a toll on him.
Feeding so many dogs cost Baines about $1,000 every month. Some of that money is covered by donations that people who hear about his operation give him, but he says that most of the expenses he pays out of pocket. It’s all worth it to him.
Baines says that the problem is people who don’t take responsibility for the dogs that they purchase. When they get sick of owning the animal, they let it loose on the street, usually without getting it spayed or neutered first, and the problem of street dog overpopulation proliferates.
Over the years that he’s been feeding the stray dogs, Baines has also helped 100 of them get sterilized, and he’s found homes for another 40 to 50 loving animals. The sterilization process is expensive, and he hopes that nearby areas will soon start doing the operations for free.
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