Man Was Using A Chainsaw To Chop A Tree, But What He Cut Accidentally?

While using a chainsaw to cut down a tree, a man noticed he had cut through a nest of baby raccoons. One baby had been killed, three babies were unharmed, and one was left seriously injured. The injured baby had three of her toes cut off.
All of the babies were very young, and the man knew none of them would survive if left alone. He quickly called animal control, and the raccoons were all taken to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary in Warren County, New Jersey.
The director of Antler Ridge, Kelly Simonetti, and her volunteers went to work. They cleaned the injured raccoon’s wound and stitched up a cut that ran from her wrist to her shoulder; she was given antibiotics. The tiny raccoon never complained once, so they named her Patience.
Patience was expected to survive her injuries, but Simonetti and her team weren’t sure if she could be released back into the wild with her injured foot. Patience would need to have full use of her foot to grasp and manipulate objects.
chainsaw raccoon
For five weeks Patience had to wear a bandage over her paw – but she didn’t like it. At first, she left it alone, but soon she started to take it off!
Everyone stopped calling her Patience and called her Two Toes!
Once Two Toes showed everyone, she could use her injured paw to climb trees they knew she could be returned back into the wild! After three months, Two Toes and her family were released!
Two Toes sniffed a purple flower before disappearing into the woods.
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