Meet Kanga Roo, A Kitten Who Stands On Two Legs Like A Boss!

Animals who are born with genetic deformations can have a hard time trying to survive on their own. But thanks to the loving care of humans who open their hearts to these animals, they can have a fighting chance for normal lives.
Kanga Roo is a feline that was born with radial agenesis in her front legs, which makes it difficult for her to put any weight on them. Because of that, she’s learn to walk on her hind legs, much like a human. These photos show just how cute she is, even with her disability, and it doesn’t seem to put a damper on her spirits at all.
Kanga Roo
Image Credit: 9gag
It just goes to show that with a positive attitude and the support of those who love you, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, despite the obstacles that are in your way! Share away, people!

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