Pit Bull Puppy Gets Super Excited When His Rescuer Comes Back To Adopt Him

When Joey Wagner first found Mojo the pit bull puppy, he was only 3 months old and his health was pretty bad since he suffered from demodectic mange and only had a few hours to live. All hope seemed lost for him until Wagner came to the rescue and saved his life. 
Although Wagner did his best, Mojo’s situation was very critical and he had to be rushed to an animal hospital so he could receive professional care. With a little time, lots of love and a lot of care, Mojo got better and was finally able to be up for adoption. However, his condition was still one to be carefully looked after, making it difficult for any person to take the pooch home and then again, Wagner came to the rescue! When he came back for Mojo, the puppy was very shy at first until he recognized Wagner, which is when he jumped into his arms, giving him many loving licks Our hearts can barely stand the cuteness. 
Two years have gone by since the rescue and Mojo is living a healthy life, although he couldn’t get his entire fur back. He now lives with Wagner and other puppies, playing all day long and living the life every dog deserves.
pit bull-rescued-adopted-1
pit bull-rescued-adopted-2
pit bull-rescued-adopted-3
pit bull-rescued-adopted-4
pit bull-rescued-adopted-5
pit bull-rescued-adopted-6
pit bull-rescued-adopted-7

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