Rescue Pig Is So In Love With His New Dog

Dexter is a 6 month old pig who up until recently has had a rather hard time in life.
When he was rescued by from neglect and taken to the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina he was so badly malnourished that he couldn’t even walk.
People at AHS figured that he had only a fifty percent chance of even making it through the day.
For two weeks Dexter was intensely cared for and very slowly began regaining the use of his legs.
He was sent to Diana Duer who was also going through a hard time. Diana had fallen off a horse and suffered an extreme brain injury.
Luckily she would recover, with bed rest. She decided to foster Dexter since she was stuck at home anyway.
However, while fostering Dexter, Diana noticed something odd.
Dexter got along incredibly well with Diana’s dogs. In fact, the pig constantly followed the dogs around and would snuggle with them frequently.
After noticing this, and after many failed attempts to find Dexter another permanent home, Diana decided to adopt the young pig.
Many months later, and Dexter is even happier in Diana’s home.
He plays with the dogs, shares their food, and, of course, snuggles with everyone constantly.
Dexter gets up to all sorts of craziness around the house.
He enjoys blowing bubbles in water… snuggling up in blankets… and waiting for food to fall out of the fridge.
Dexter even manages to communicate with some of his unique sounds!
We’re so glad to see the happy, unconventional family having a wonderful time living together!

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