Rescued Dog Adopts An Orphaned Fox

It is always a good day when a human adopts an animal and provides proper looking-after for them but when animals adopt other animals? It’s just beyond amazing. Faith is an 11-year-old rescued dog that has helped raise different kinds of animals like kittens and lambs but a whole new world of raising came along when an orphaned fox named Fergie appeared. 
The story goes like this: Fergie was found in the Australian bush by someone when she was just a baby and was then taken to a local veterinarian named Rachel Parker and founder of Greener Pastures Sanctuary, who was able to find her a home with one of her friends. Ultimately, the person who took Fergie in wasn’t able to provide a permanent home for the fox for lack of space, so Parker stepped in again, claiming: “After seeking permission [from our local shire ranger] to keep her, we were able to build a big enclosure for her and give her a home.” This is when Fergie and Faith met, in order to provide each other company and she ended up becoming like a mom to the baby fox. A home for Fergie at last!


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