Stray Cats Need Medical Care

During last couple of months, we have faced a huge amount of ill stray cats that urgently need veterinary help.
Many surgeries were already made, nevertheless there are more to come. Some kittens struggle from renal insufficiency, some have eye infections and skin fungus.
We, as a non-profit organisation – Cat Care Community, cannot neglect these health issues and we try to help as many cats as possible.
By helping us with fund-raising, many stray cats will be sterilized, operated from various illnesses, supplied with antibiotics and other necessary recovery medicines.
Each one of you can make a difference. We are located in Riga, Latvia.

Just look in these eyes

Little guy looking for home and help

Little poor guy with eye illness

Kitten available for adoption

Little cutie getting some love

Just caught one more street kitten

Street kitten in the temporary home

Mammy with her children

Waiting for the second chance in life

Two buddies on the street

And they also want home

She is so afraid, but she is already safe!

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