They Thought He Was Like Any Other Little Puppy. Nothing Prepared Them For What He Became

This is Baron, the English mastiff, from Australia. You will be surprised to know that Baron is only two years old and isn’t quite done growing yet! Baron’s owners describe him as a ‘boofhead’ and say that he doesn’t realize that he is so big! Baron eats two steaks every day and costs about $100 a week to feed.
big dog
Dorothy and Mark say that Baron will cry when they leave the house! Baron is 6’6” from tail to nose and will keep growing until he is about four years old. Baron, because of his gentle demeanor, has earned himself a career as a therapy dog.
big dog
He visits schools and hospitals. As of yet, Baron has not been named the largest dog in Australia, but since he isn’t’ done growing yet – that may soon be a title he earns! One thing is certain, Baron is one special dog with a big heart!
big dog
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