This Dog’s Bony Frame Made Everyone Weep, And She Weighed Only 29 Pounds

Fasting in a voluntary concept that many people go through, possibly for religious reasons or to help their body remove toxins that have accumulated from their lifestyles. No matter the reason, it’s an active choice that is made. But there’s no choice involved when an animal is purposely starved.
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Calista was a pit bull found on the streets of New Jersey. She was severely emaciated to the point where all of her ribs and the bones in her spine were visible.
A concerned citizen, on seeing the dog, called animal services to collect the dog and provide the help she so desperately needed.
They then contacted A Pathway to Hope to aid in the dog’s recovery, as they noticed the dog wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Calista only weight about twenty-nine pounds when a dog her size should be around fifty. With some careful observation and a little love, Calista began to gain weight with each passing day and learned what true love from a human feels like.
She spends most of her time with her foster family, waiting for her forever home. In the meantime, she gets some human siblings to play with throughout her days. And the person responsible for her horrible behavior?
He came to claim the dog the same day Calista was taken in by animal control.
That made the case easy to resolve, and he received five animal cruelty charges, each of which carry six months in prison or a $1,000 fine. Calista is definitely in a better place without this owner in her life anymore. Share away, people. Lets help Calista find her forever new home soon!

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