This House Has Been Abandoned For 100 Years And What’s Inside Is Leaving People Dumbfounded

This gorgeous farmhouse in Moreland, Georgia, has been untouched since the 1890s, but it’s held up remarkably well. At 4,552 square feet, it sits on five-and-a-half acres of the countryside. Not surprisingly, it’s an extremely desirable place to live!
As you can tell from the outside, there are several chimneys—which means there’s are multiple fireplaces throughout the home. This adds a lot of value right off the bat! It’s always special to gather around a cozy fireplace with your family during the cold winter months.
The stairs leading up to the front door are wide and welcoming. The house stands tall at the end of the walkway, and although the front door needs some work, you can tell it was finely crafted by the original builders.
 Take a look at this amazing view the extravagant porch offers! You can pull out a couple of chairs and sit comfortably while you take in all the surrounding serenity the property has to offer.
Even the back porch overlooks lush vegetation. The bushes need to be trimmed up a bit to ensure a clear view of the surrounding land, but a little hard work would definitely pay off to anyone who loves the outdoors…
Once you walk through the front door, there are several different pathways accessible from the main foyer, including a staircase that leads to the upper floor of the farmhouse. The high ceilings make the home look even grander!
There’s a sense of openness throughout the rooms, and that’s further accentuated by the expansive windows that let in all that wonderful Georgia sunshine. The builders may have planned this home more than a century ago, but it’s certainly in line with what current-day buyers want, isn’t it?
Part of this farmhouse’s charm is the fact that it’s such a well-preserved look at life in the 19th century. You can imagine what living here may have been like right before the turn of the century…
The wood-paneled rooms may have seen better days, but lots of people would call their slightly worn look charming. Someone with a knack for interior design would take one look inside and know exactly what to do.
The home’s kitchen is very unique, as all that wood paneling gives the space a rustic look. You can almost smell the aroma of old-fashioned Southern cooking wafting through the air: fried chicken, cornbread, collard greens, and pecan pie—yum!
The family room offers plenty of space, thanks especially to its soaring ceilings. The original owners must have spent countless hours of quality time with each other in this place over the years!
Once you reach the top of the staircase, you realize the second floor is just as open as the ground floor. The size of this place can really throw you for a loop if you only look at it from the outside…
While the majority of the home is wood-paneled or painted in neutral hues, a handful of rooms—such as this one—make lovely use of color. A walk from room to room transports you to a different time and place altogether.
The long, vertical windows are representative of the style that was popular among farmhouses of that era. They allow plenty of natural light to flood each room; before electricity, that would’ve been a must.
The fireplaces clearly need to be cleaned of the debris that accumulated in them over the years, but once that’s done, these rooms are ready to embrace the warmth of a comforting blaze.
There’s no shortage of paneling used for the floors and walls throughout the farmhouse. With a little bit of wood polish and some elbow grease, these rooms will look stunning!
The attic is quite large, too, presenting a great opportunity for converting it into a master bedroom or a hangout spot. Potential homeowners don’t simply need to utilize it as mere storage space. The possibilities are truly endless!
If you were thinking about purchasing this home, you’d want to give extra consideration to its curb appeal. Just look at what guests would see as they’re heading out after a nice visit. It’s the epitome of quaint!
Just check out the vast fields and array of trees that surround the property! You truly couldn’t get tired of this view even if you tried. After a stressful day at work, staring off into the horizon would certainly calm the mind.
With enough time and energy—not to mention a relatively small amount of money—this place can really be transformed into a contemporary home without forgetting its Southern roots. With just a few modern upgrades, you could easily make it your dream home!

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