Woman Hears An Odd Noise In The Trash And Uncovers A Heartbreaking Sight

It’s always sad when someone stumbles upon a stray animal. After all, while many wild creatures can survive on their own, domesticated ones aren’t always very well-equipped to do so. This usually results in a vulnerable situation.
Sometimes, strays are merely victims of circumstance, especially when they’re babies. It’s part of why it’s so important to spay and neuter pets.
Other times strays are simply the target of cruelty when people seek to actively harm innocent animals. How could a person want to show an animal anything but love?
That being said, as traumatic and harmful as such abuse can be, that’s not to say that strays are beyond rescue. Sometimes a little bit of love can go a long way…
In Brazil, you can find countless strays scattered throughout cities rummaging through garbage cans, or in rural areas perched on stoops. Most people simply ignore them, but when one woman came across a stray that desperately needed the help of a human she couldn’t resist…
 A teacher named Aline Martins was walking her dog through her neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro — a route she took every day — when she encountered something that broke her heart.
Aline was almost back to her house when she noticed a trash bag moving in the breeze. The streets of Rio de Janeiro frequently had garbage strewn about, so at first, she thought nothing of it. 
As she got closer, she began to hear a noise coming from the bag. It sounded a lot like a tiny, strained mewing. She crouched down and slowly untied the knot in the bag…
There, inside the hot plastic bag, was an abandoned kitten! Aline couldn’t believe someone could be so heartless as to leave a helpless animal alone to suffer. She needed to do something, and fast.
The kitten was dirty, wet, and needed serious assistance. Aline raced home to give the little guy the care he needed. She began with a warm bath…
02-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
There was no telling how long it had been since he was bathed, if ever, but once Aline finished cleaning him up, he was introduced to his temporary bed. From the moment he was placed on the blankets, he was purring.
03-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
Just look at how alert he was after his first comfortable night of sleep. He woke up the next morning feeling energized — a feeling he most certainly hadn’t experienced for a while!
Aline began feeding him with a syringe, and it wasn’t long before he seemed like a whole new kitten. As you may expect, a little bit of love and attention can go a long way for an animal in need.
04-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
Aline knew the little guy would be with her a while, so she gave the kitten the adorable name “Davi.” Within a few days of Aline welcoming him into her home, his appetite increased, and she moved him to dry food. 
With a new name, a caring new owner, and a home to call his own, it was finally starting to look like Davi was adjusting. Just look at him go to town on that food!
05-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
In just about a week, Davi was fully recovered, ready to move on from his painful past and into a new and happy life! It may have come as a surprise for him to know how much better things were able to get.
07-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
Davi was far from the first cat Aline brought into her home. In fact, he was the sixth! Now, Davi had plenty of brothers and sisters to play with whenever he wanted. 
06-kitten-crying-rescue-brazilFacebook / Aline Martins
It may have seemed a little bit crowded with so many furry friends, but they all appeared to be as happy as they possibly could be! They all thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, much to the relief of Aline.
Just take a gander at what Davi looked like one full year after Aline saved him from certain death on the street. She was so proud at who Davi became, and for good reason!
Finding Davi in the trash bag was an absolutely horrendous experience, but with some love and care, Aline made sure her new feline companion overcame his trauma.

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