Mystery Boat Washes Up On Ireland’s Coast With A Strange Message

There are always strange items getting washed up on different coastal shores around the world. In 2016, a mysterious solar powered boat washed up on a coastal shore in Ireland. Most people who saw the odd boat were baffled by its appearance and possible purpose. The coast guard and law enforcement officers scrambled to try and help, but there was no one in the vessel. People were curious to know its origin and how it made its way to the Irish coast. The mystery was solved eventually thanks to the strange message embedded inside, and the boat was preserved as a tourist attraction. Continue reading this article to see what the strange message said.
A strange object floating on the water
It was just an ordinary day at the Irish Coast, the gloomy weather, the gray skies, and misty coast. The coastal citizens were just carrying on with their regular activities when suddenly a large floating vessel appeared in the far distance.
Nobody was certain about what the mysterious vessel was, but they could all see that it was large and floating on the coastal waters, seemingly devoid of a purpose and an aim. The local law enforcement was contacted to look into the mysterious object.
Rocky Coastline
The huge vessel was heading towards the rocky coastline. As it grew closer, the onlookers noticed that it was a boat of some sort, but it was just floating about with no objective, just moving with the waves.
This boat was on a collision course and the onlookers knew they had to take action before it crashed directly into the rocky eastern coastline. If there was a crew on the vessel, then they were in danger, they decided to attempt rescue.
The Coast Guard Arrives
Calling the coast guard was the best choice, as they are equipped to handle such situations. The coast guard arrived and immediately went to save the vessel from crashing into the rocks, worried that if people were on the vessel, they might be at risk of being injured or worse.
They approached the boat, but they noticed it was very odd. It wasn’t like any other normal water vessel, actually, it did not look that it belonged in the water, because the design and make was similar to a caravan. However, they met something queer when they entered the boat.
Strange Indeed
The coast guard crew boarded the ship and searched every corner. They searched everywhere but there was nobody aboard the vessel. They wondered where the passengers had gone off to.
This occurrence was very baffling to the personnel, one of the guys even said that was the weirdest water vessel he had ever seen. The design was very strange, it did not seem like a sea-worthy object.
Get it to land
Not knowing the stability of the vessel, the crew saw it better to take it to land to study it more, rather than at sea. It was not going to an easy task transporting it to land.
Although it was in one piece, the vessel had been exposed to different physical conditions. All the windows were broken, and a lot of the boards had come out of their positions.
The Mysterious message
When they got the boat to land, they started to investigate it better. Though it had been ruined on several parts, the boat was still mostly intact, it just needed some renovation. The crew could see that it was designed for somebody to live in, but no one was aboard the ship.
Looking at one of the walls, they saw a strange message that helped a lot in knowing the origin of the vessel. The writer of the message stated his name as Rick Small, saying that he was donating the vessel to a homeless young person to provide him/her with a better life.
Who is Rick Small?
The Irish Coast Guard did research to know who Rick Small was in the hopes of knowing why he was not in the queer-looking boat anymore.
Rick Small is an adventurous environmentalist man from Thunder Bay, Ontario who is well-known in Canada for traveling 7,000 kilometers from British Columbia all the way to Newfoundland, traveling on a tricycle powered by solar energy.
The Halifax Coast Guard
To know more, the coast guard authorities from Ireland contact their counterparts in Halifax, Canada. The Halifax authorities said that the owner of the vessel was hoping to go across the Atlantic Ocean in it, but they were able to stop him from going on a dangerous mission.
They also said that the ship had been spotted last in Portugal Cove back in Newfoundland in the summer, but it broke loose and veered off. It was amazing to them that it had floated all the way to the Irish Coast in one piece.
Rick Small’s Construction Process
Small wanted to build a solar-powered boat that he could live in as he traveled across the Atlantic. He started to work on how to build a solar-powered water vessel, though he did not have any ship-building expertise. Small went to seek the assistance of some local business and started to buy items needed to build the ship.
He used wood and polystyrene to construct the 20ft structure. It was very impressive, considering he was no shipwright. However, his dream of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on it was crushed because the coast guard in Canada considered his boat too risky for such a long journey, he would be endangering his life.
Soft spot
Rick Small’s plan did not go as planned, therefore he re-purposed the structure for something else. Being an environmental conservationist, this man cared for the homeless people. He figured that if he could not utilize the boat for traveling over the Atlantic Ocean, then he should donate it to a homeless individual looking for shelter.
His boat was sufficiently large to serve as a home for somebody. The news of his project was spread far and wide, and people were inspired by his kindhearted nature. The story was so interesting that tourists started to visit the place where the boat was found.

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