These Hospital Workers’ Creepy True Stories Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Image: Flickr/Mands
Image: Mands
It’s a fact that doctors and nurses are going to see some pretty nasty things in their profession lives. Sometimes, however, what they witness isn’t just gruesome – rather, it’s totally spooky. Take these 20 memories, for example, which are definitely in the realm of the unexplained.
Image: Flickr/Rachel Titiriga
Image: Rachel Titiriga
In 2002 a doctor working with paraplegic and tetraplegic patients revealed that four of his patients had complained of dreaming about falling from their beds. Apparently, each of the patients, who were in different rooms, had awoke to find their legs hanging outside of their mattresses. The explanation? According to nurses, a ghostly figure was often seen moving in and out of the ward’s rooms.
Image: Flickr/Nick Kenrick
Image: Nick Kenrick
Also in 2002 a hospitalized grandmother, who was on morphine, was reportedly going in and out of consciousness. Eight hours before the elderly lady died, redditor oceanicwhitetip explained, “she started crying and whimpering like she was afraid of something.” At one point the grandmother grabbed her daughter’s arm and apparently whispered, “There IS a place for bad little boys and girls.”
Image: Flickr/Zach McCormick
Image: Zach McCormick
Redditor welsh_hero_beans, a one-time hospital IT helpdesk worker, apparently reported to his boss that, every night, he heard windows and doors banging. The man’s office, stationed two floors above an old mortuary, was believed to be a former nuns’ dormitory. However, his boss reportedly told him that he was “the only living thing” in the building during his 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. shift. An unfortunate choice of words, perhaps?
Image: Flickr/Porsche Brosseau
Image: Porsche Brosseau
Student nurse and redditor Amnestria1 used to work in a nursing home. One time, a patient of hers suddenly held her face and said, “There’s a woman in the doorway. She’s very angry… at both of us. Please be careful!” Therefore, Amnestria1 asked her frightened patient to describe the woman. The patient replied, “She’s green and black and gray. She’s very angry and she’s waiting for me. Death is coming. It’s coming quickly.”
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One anonymous “freaked out” redditor was once assigned to the Alzheimer’s ward at a nursing unit. A patient there, they said, had been complaining about a strange man paying her nighttime visits. “He’s real handsome,” the patient apparently said. “Oh, he’s right behind you now, honey.” Then the redditor felt a hand on their shoulder, and the patient passed away the following night.
Image: Flickr/mll
Image: mll
Student nurse and redditor Jesspandapants once cared for an elderly lady with final-stage kidney failure. As the pair were talking, the lady looked past the nurse and said, “Bill’s here love, I’ve got to go.” Afterward, the lady stopped breathing and quietly passed away. It was later discovered that Bill was the name of her late husband.
Image: via
Image: via
Redditor runningmoon, a nurse, was once chatting with a mentally ill lady who claimed to see people crawling across the hospital floor. Why? Well, to touch the legs and toes of those not already tucked up, of course. To the nurse’s horror, the lady began telling her in detail about the person who’d been touching runningmoon’s own feet as they’d been talking.
Image: YouTube/Scary videos
Image: via YouTube/Scary videos
One time, student nurse and redditor simplesimon6262 asked to help a team treating a female stroke patient, who sadly died after 45 minutes of CPR. After her passing, the woman’s body was cleaned and her family were called in to say their farewells. But then, strangely, the woman rose and asked to see her relatives – before dying all over again.
Image: YouTube/Zero Media
Image: YouTube/Zero Media
A 94-year-old great grandmother with dementia, according to redditor smellycheesefeet, explained to visiting nurses that a small boy in the corner of her lounge was taunting her. The boy said, apparently, that her demise was near. But, because of the elderly lady’s condition, her claims were dismissed. However, when a visitor later brought along their three-year-old son, he pointed to the corner in question and screamed, “I’m going to beat you up!”
Redditor whoawhoawhoathere, a psychiatric-registered nurse, once tried to comfort a hysterical seven-year-old boy who claimed that an old man in a hospital gown had visited him. While describing the man, the child apparently said, “Oh my god, he’s right behind you.” The “man” left shortly afterward, but less than three minutes later another screaming boy down the hall reportedly saw him.
Image: Flickr/U.S. Army
Image: U.S. Army
A nurse, redditor mamabrains, was starting a night shift when she was told that one of the patients had suddenly died. The new occupant of the deceased’s room also died later that night – but they later came back to life. “I can’t be in here,” the patient reportedly said. “This man won’t stop looking at me.” The nurse asked what the man looked like, at which point the patient accurately described the room’s previous occupant.
Image: Flickr/Orin Zebest
Image: Orin Zebest
In the 1950s redditor TheMightyGoatMan’s mom worked at Chelsea & Westminster Teaching Hospital in London, U.K. Apparently, she once found a faucet running at work. She reported it to the matron, who explained that the ward was supposedly haunted by a ghost that left the faucet on whenever a child was about to die. Sure enough, the following day the nurse was informed that a child had died after suffering a sudden, fatal seizure.
Image: Flickr/Yan Song
Image: Yan Song
One-time emergency medical technician and redditor Come_In_Me_Bro used to regularly take an older female dialysis patient across town. The patient once mentioned that a man wearing purple scrubs had stroked her hair during her treatment. Come_In_Me_Bro later saw the purple man too. However, at the same time, it turned out, the patient was suffering a fatal heart attack.
Image: Flickr/Silvia Foglia
Image: Silvia Foglia
In her own words, redditor mrslinclon’s husband “has the worst luck with hospital roommates.” One, in fact, suddenly began throwing up blood, so the husband pressed the emergency button. No one responded, so the husband stayed with the violently ill man. One of the nurses who eventually arrived said, “It was a darn good thing you were out in the hallway waving at us.” The husband replied, “I wasn’t out in the hallway. I stayed with the man.” However, the man died shortly afterward.
Image: Flickr/Grendl
Image: Grendl
When redditor LadyBrittsy worked in a hospital, she wrote, everyone there knew it was haunted. In fact, her husband, who also worked there, once had to transport a body from the old cancer ward. Apparently, on the way in all the lights were off. On the way out, however, just 15 minutes later, they were all switched on, as were the TVs behind locked doors.
Image: Flickr/Grendl
Image: Grendl
Redditor lilpin13, a former U.S. Navy hospital corpsman working at a surgical ward, claimed that, one time, call bells used to keep going off at night. This, however, was in spite of the fact that no one was staying in his unit. Plus, sometimes, apparently, the call button wasn’t even connected to the wall. However, lilpin13 found that if he spoke to the empty room as if he were addressing a person, the bells would stop.
Image: YouTube/Derelict Mafia
Image: via YouTube/Derelict Mafia
Once upon a time there was a nurse who’d been tasked with looking after an unconscious, close-to-death patient on an oncology ward. One night, however, the patient, reportedly, woke up and shouted, “Don’t let them take me!” She had, apparently, spotted a black object above her – and she died just minutes later.
Image: via Rablog -
Image: via Rablog –
A worker at a unit for seriously disabled people once noticed a resident, Larry, strolling along a corridor. Larry, apparently, would swallow pretty much anything, so it was important to stop him. Ten minutes after his wandering was reported, though, Larry walked out of his bathroom, where he’d been with staff for the last half hour. Larry, it turned out, had a twin who died in the unit a decade previously.
Image: Flickr/Grendl
Image: Grendl
At approximately 4:00 a.m. nurses at a center for bone marrow transplants reportedly discovered a male patient on the floor. Much of his blood had been spilled, and he died shortly afterward. Later, an old lady apparently asked a nurse if a “young guy” had died in the same room – because the deceased man was talking to her. Creepily, she later suffered a similar accident. She survived, however, and blamed the accident on her predecessor.
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Image: via YouTube/Blubery Bomb
A nurse, whose favorite cat Pippin had just died, apparently once entered the room of a female patient on death’s door. They had never met before, but the patient looked at the nurse’s feet and said, “Oh, you brought your kitty with you!” The shocked nurse asked the patient what color she thought the cat was. “Black with some white,” the patient replied, accurately. Strangely, she reportedly died that night.

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