Cop Buys Lemonade At Girl’s Stand And Returns Next Day, But Not To Buy More

This story takes place in Lake County, where one special police officer went above and beyond when it came to a local child and her lemonade stand. He was on patrol in the town of Painesville, Ohio and when he first saw the child’s lemonade stand, he pulled over to grab himself a glass. Gabrielle, the lemonade stand’s proprietor, swiftly provided the officer with something cold to drink.
She received a couple dollars for her troubles and Deputy Zach was more than happy to provide it. Officer Ropos asked the little girl why she was trying to raise money and found that Gabrielle was seeking an iPad for school and leisure purposes. The officer happened to have an old iPad of his own laying around the house, but when he first arrived back at his residence, he found that the device was not working so well anymore.
He still wished to help the child, so he went to a local store and asked how much they would be willing to chip in to assist the little girl in her dream. He would then ask Gabrielle how much money her lemonade stand had earned so far. Unfortunately, Gabrielle did not have very much money to show for her lemonade stand and she had been forced to give some cash to her mother because their car ran out of gas.
At this time, the officer shocked the child by pulling out a bag that was emblazoned with a gold star. The bright pink bag contained the desired iPad and led to a touching moment between Zach and Gabrielle. The photo that they took together after the little girl received her brand new toy was a priceless one and this is one officer who deserves a round of applause.
A police officer’s job is to serve as a protector in the community and there are too many times where the concept of service becomes lost in translation. There is no reason why a police officer should ever be someone to fear and thanks to awesome law enforcement officials like Zach here, more and more children can grow up with a more nuanced point of view on the matter.
In the meantime, we are sure that Gabrielle will love her new iPad and we wish her and her mother all of the best going forward. Please pass this touching story along to your closest friends and loved ones!

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