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Between their impressive memories and lifelong family bonds, elephants are some of the most emotionally complex animals on the planet. Sure, they’re big, lumbering goofballs, but with all that size comes an enormous heart.
In fact, their capacity for love and protection can make them quite heroic. In many cases, an elephant will do just about anything for those they love, and these four elephants proved just that! Each of their stories is enough to make you want to become a better human…
Recently, caretakers of a 17-year-old female elephant named Thongsri, who lived at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, devised a plan that would prove she was more than just a big animal.
Their plan was fairly simple, and the goal was to show just how caring Thongsri was. The two conspirators pointed out where it would all take place, and then began moving into position.
ViralHog / Youtube
Once in her sight, one of the men acted like he was going to attack Thongsri’s caretaker. Surely, this brawl wasn’t going to affect the enormous elephant in any way… right?
ViralHog / Youtube
Wrong! With all the power and speed of a truck barreling down a highway, the mighty elephant charged the attacker! By the time she arrived, however, the man had wisely retreated – but Thongsri wasn’t done…
As was abundantly obvious, Thongsri’s sprint towards her caretaker was motivated entirely out of love and a need to protect him. She even offered her trunk to help up her fallen human back onto his feet!
As her caretaker finally composed himself, Thongsri acted as a crutch. Clearly, this was one thoughtful elephant! But this behavior wasn’t uncommon—and she was far from the only elephant capable of showing love for her human friends…
A baby elephant named Kham La, who lived at the same sanctuary as Thongsri, proved that the instinct to love and protect was an inherent trait. Kham La—pictured at the bottom right of this photo—leapt into action when her own caretaker was in trouble.
CNN / YouTube
Her caretaker, Darrick, was floating down the river and struggling to reach the shore. Of course, this was just a test—he wasn’t actually in trouble. But that didn’t stop this baby elephant from diving headlong into a raging river…
CNN / YouTube
Kham La launched no small rescue effort, too. At one point, she submerged herself nearly up to her eyes. All she saw was Darrick in the water and all of her instincts just took over.
When she finally caught up to her caretaker, Kham La guided a laughing Darrick to dry land. She proved she was willing to put herself in danger for someone she loved. Thankfully, it was just a test—but what about elephants faced with real threats?
In 2004, along the coast of Phucket, Thailand, a little girl named Amber Owen rode an elephant named Ning Nong as part of a once-in-a-lifetime tourist experience. It should have been all fun, but everything changed when a tsunami struck.
Daily Mail
While some people ran to pick up the fish scattered across the beach when the waves went out, he became agitated at once,” Amber, now 22, told The Daily Mail. “He knew something was wrong and began running as fast as he could inland.”
With the girl on his back, Nong Nong fought against the approaching current before hiding behind a stone wall and avoiding the dangerous waves. “He saved my life,” Amber said. Even better, Ning Nong’s heroics served as inspiration for something unique…
Michael Morpurgo, a playwright, adapted Ning Nong’s heroism into a play called Running Wild! The tsunami of 2004 “was truly one of the most terrible natural disasters of our times,” Michael said. “Then, in the midst of the overwhelming sadness, I read just one small story of hope.”
Of course, elephants aren’t solely dedicated to the welfare of humans. These elephants at the Grand Park Zoo in South Korea showed they were capable of fast-thinking heroism even when one of their own was in trouble.
Most News / YouTube
When this baby elephant slipped and fell into the pool, it was only a matter of time before he would drown. At a few feet deep, the water submerged the elephant, past his eyes, nose, and trunk…
Most News / YouTube
The little guy’s misfortune sent the elephants into a collective panic. Luckily, a couple of nearby adults jumped into action. Together, they rushed towards a ramp that descended into the pool.
Wasting no time at all, the elephants ran through the water. Even in their panic, they moved faster than anything that large had any right to. The baby couldn’t swim, and time was running out.
When the heroic duo reached the baby elephant, they carefully guided him back to the shore. They weren’t going to allow for any more accidents! Like the heroes before them, these pachyderms proved they had smarts—and hearts.
Most News / YouTube
It’s incredible to see these animals use their size and speed to protect not just other elephants, but the humans who loved them, too! But sometimes, despite their incredible size and strength, elephants are the ones that need our help.
As a kid, Dr. Vicki Fishlock fell in love with African elephants. It was her life’s dream and in 2011 she pursued a study of elephants at Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.
Constant Contact
Dr. Fishlock joined the Amboseli Elephant Research Project (AERP), an organization stationed in the national park created to study its thousands of free-ranging elephants. There, she had a goal.
Safina Center
 Study the impact of Kenya’s fierce drought on the local elephants. But in October of 2012, Dr. Fishlock’s research thrust her into the heart of a dangerous situation.
It was early in the morning when she received word a baby elephant had fallen into a well somewhere out in the park. Worse, herders would soon arrive at the well to water their cattle—which complicated matters.
Africa Research Online
If the herders reached the well first, they’d likely scare away the baby elephant’s mother. If herders chased the mother off, the baby would be as good as dead.
AmboseliTrust / YouTube
So Dr. Fishlock and two team members hopped into a jeep and sped to the well, hoping as they drove the mother hadn’t been chased away. They arrived to a scene more complicated than they’d anticipated.
To their relief, the mother elephant, Zombe, lingered around the well, panicked as her baby fought for purchase on the slopes of the muddy well. But she was scared—and aggressive. 
AmboseliTrust / YouTube
Elephants are the strongest land mammals on the planet, capable of lifting up to 600 pounds with just their trunks. And this strong, protective mamma? Well, she wasn’t about to let anyone near her struggling baby.
Zombe’s presence made the rescue impossible: stepping out of the jeep and near that baby would put her and her crew’s lives in danger. For the calf’s sake, it would be Dr. Fishlock, terrible as it sounded, that scared the mother off.
Constant Contact
The AERP rescue team drove the jeep at the mother, taunting her with a collision. Still, Zombe stayed by her baby’s side, despite fearing the jeep…so Dr. Fishlock screamed at her like a banshee. 
AmboseliTrust / YouTube
Chased by sharp, high-pitched calls and a loud jeep engine, Zombe turned and fled. Now the AERP team had to rescue the baby before the mother ran too far away. But could they?
Their rudimentary rescue plan followed three steps: Step one, tie a rope to the jeep’s bumper; step two, loop the rope around the baby’s butt; step three, reverse the jeep and pull the baby out. Sounds easy enough, no?
But, as Dr. Fishlock put it, “We were so delighted [Zombe’s calf] is so big and fat and healthy…until we had to pull her out of a hole.” The two men fighting rescue her struggled against her weight and strength. 
Because the baby was trying to get away and back to her mother the rescuers couldn’t loop the rope around her backside. The scared-and-cranky elephant wasn’t interested in being turned, either.
AmbroseliTrust / YouTube
Still, with enough coaxing, the baby elephant turned, letting the two rescue workers loop the rope around her. As they worked to secure rope she cried and roared. Baby was not happy.
Haley Collins / Flickr
Finally the men secured the rope around the baby elephant and gave Dr. Fishlock a signal. She mashed the accelerator, sending the jeep flying backward and pulling on the stuck calf.
In seconds, the calf popped out of the well (knocking over one of the rescue workers in the process)! The poor girl didn’t stick around to celebrate, however—she had another mission in mind…
AmboseliTrust / YouTube
The second the calf had her bearings, she sprinted away from Dr. Fishlock and her rescuers, towards her scared-away mother. Dr. Fishlock followed, hoping to guide the calf in the right direction…
AmboseliTrust / YouTube
The calf ran and ran across the dry, drought-stricken plains. After a long run, with dust swirling around them, the two reunited in a magical, heavenly moment! Aww!
AmboseliTrust / YouTube

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