20 Monster-Sized Cats That’ll Make Your Own Tiger Look Tiny

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If you’ve never come across a Maine Coon cat before, you’re in for a shock. Nicknamed “the gentle giants,” these adorably fluffy felines can grow as large as 48 inches long and 16 inches tall. Indeed, when it comes to domesticated cat breeds, you’ll struggle to find anything bigger than a Maine Coon. And after one look at these 20 massive moggies, chances are you’ll want one of your own…
Image: via imgur
You have to wonder how often a vet comes into contact with a Maine Coon. Clearly, this bemused animal doctor hasn’t met many: just look at her puzzled expression. The cat itself, meanwhile, just doesn’t seem to give a hoot.
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While most cats progress from kittenhood within their first 12 months, Maine Coons take far longer. Indeed, they often don’t reach full maturity until they’re five years old. But then, they do have a lot more growing to do.
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If you’ve ever wanted a cat that’s as friendly as a dog but without the hassle of having to go out for walks, a Maine Coon is probably right up your street. After all, they’re famed for their playfulness and intelligence. And like the gargantuan specimen above, they’re comparable in size to many mutts.
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The Maine Coon takes its name from the American state where it was first introduced. It’s also the state’s official feline (because what state doesn’t have an official cat?) and could easily give your pet tiger a run for its money. This guy, for instance, might not look particularly ferocious, but you can bet he’s got a voracious appetite.
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Well, that’s one evolutionary advantage of being the world’s largest domesticated cat – reaching the top shelf where the food’s hidden. Unfortunately for this foxy feline, he’s been caught in the act. Still, we bet his owner let it slide in sheer admiration at his ingenuity.
Image: Imgur
Image: via imgur
Male Maine Coons can weigh anything up to 18 pounds, with some known to be as heavy as 35 pounds. So if you do decide to adopt your own, don’t expect to be able to recreate this Lion King-style pose without a good workout beforehand.
Image: Twitter/Séverine
Image: Twitter/Séverine
Imagine being dwarfed by your own cat. Funnily enough, we rather expected the expressions here to be the other way around. After all, what moggy wouldn’t be pleased at being big enough to boss their owner around? Then again, maybe he’s just miffed at constantly being paraded about.
Image: Facebook/Paolo Pelleri
Image: Facebook/Paolo Pelleri
Paolo and Camilla Pelleri’s insanely fluffy feline Romeo is probably one of the most handsome kitties we’ve ever laid eyes on. Indeed, if you haven’t yet fallen head over heels for this delightful cat breed, this picture will surely seal the deal.
Image: Imgur
Image: via imgur
Posing for a picture with a Maine Coon isn’t exactly the simplest thing in the world. After all, they’re so large – not to mention heavy – that it’s probably easier just to go down to their level. Not that many of their owners seem to figure that out, of course.
Image: Imgur/hill2cm
Image: imgur/hill2cm
Poor Oliver here is blind, according to his owner’s photo caption. And the saddest part about that? He’ll never know just how beautiful he really is. Thankfully, he appears to have a loving family to take care of him, at least. After all, probably not everyone could cope with such a monster-sized moggy.
Image: Reddit/noirhero
Image: reddit/noirhero
This is the kind of photo that makes us wish we’d taken up a career as a veterinarian. Indeed, the woman here was apparently still in vet school when she met this gorgeous Maine Coon, appropriately named “Tiger.”
Image: Imgur
Image: via imgur
As well as being utterly adorable and highly intelligent, Maine Coons are also incredibly vocal. Indeed, they’ll definitely let you know if something’s up or if they just fancy a chat. After all, they’re also very sociable creatures.
Image: Imgur
Image: via imgur
This kitty weighs a whopping 27 pounds. And with her tail, she appears to be almost as long as her owner is tall. Indeed, the petite woman obscured by her prized pet is a mere four feet and 10 inches tall. She probably should have picked a smaller cat…
Image: Imgur/roto
Image: imgur/roto
As the uploader of this photo points out, it must be a nightmare to clean a Maine Coon’s litter tray. Then again, they’re apparently so easy to train that it probably doesn’t take long for them to learn to do their business outside.
Image: Imgur/Yolodolo
Image: imgur/Yolodolo
Have you ever seen a more perfect feline specimen? Its luxurious mane is as smooth as they come. In fact, it’s so fluffy that you’d never need another cuddle companion again. If it were our kitty, we certainly wouldn’t mind it being up on the kitchen surfaces.
Image: Imgur/temppics
Image: imgur/temppics
This superb cat has a name befitting his grandeur. Indeed, Beowulf here sits upon his chair in the same way that a king might sit upon a throne. There’s no doubting who the boss is in this household, but we’re sure the owners care not one jot.
Image: via BoredPanda
Image: via BoredPanda
This portly fellow looks like he’s eaten one too many treats. But considering his giant proportions, we’d say he doesn’t look that bad, actually. We just can’t even imagine how much he weighs. His owner must be one strong lady.
Image: via BoredPanda
Image: via imgur
That’s the exasperated expression of a cat who’s had her photo taken one too many times. Then again, if we had a Maine Coon, we’d constantly be taking pictures of it. And could you blame us, or indeed any Maine Coon owner? We thought not.
Image: Imgur/stinkylinkydingdong
Image: imgur/stinkylinkydingdong
You have to wonder in what situation any of these cats would need to be carried. In fact, they’d probably do a better job of carrying you than you would of them. Not that we recommend finding out, of course…
Image: Reddit/AshleyAyers
Image: reddit/AshleyAyers
Tragically, this beautiful Maine Coon, Stewie, passed away in 2013. But three years earlier, he booked himself a place in history, setting a Guinness World Record for being the world’s longest cat. Indeed, from nose to tail, he measured an incredible 48.5 inches.

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