Breeder Abandoned Him Because He Was Too Big, But Now He's An Internet Star

There are people in the world that choose to go to a dog breeder instead of getting a dog at a rescue shelter. One of the reasons they do this is because of the breeder's high standards of their animals. Unfortunately, if a dog doesn't meet their "standards," then they'll typically just get rid of them, which is exactly what happened with the pup in this story. Keep reading to find out how this abandoned dog's life was completely turned upside down.

Say hello to the incredibly cute Pomeranian, Bertram.

Unfortunately, Bertram didn't have the greatest start in life. Bertram was born under the care of a breeder, but sadly, the breeder didn't think this cute pup was good enough.

The breeder thought Bertram was too big to be sold, so she dropped him off at an animal shelter. 

While scrolling through, Kathy Grayson came across Bertram's picture. She immediately knew that she wanted the adorable pup, so she made a huge decision.

Kathy immediately jumped on a plane to fly to the small town of Sallisaw in Oklahoma.

As soon as she met Bertram, Kathy knew that they were meant to be together. So she signed the papers and boarded the plane back to New York, with Bertram right by her side.

It wasn't long before it was made obvious that Bertram was meant to live in New York City. 

Kathy owns an art gallery in the city called, The Hole. The day after Bertram moved in, Kathy had a party at her gallery, and Bertram immediately fit right in. "We had an opening at my art gallery with hundreds of people and a dinner and after-party. From day one, Bert was ready to join the art world," said Kathy.

In fact, Bertram fit in so well that he even has an official position at the gallery.

People come from all over just to see the official "art connoisseur" of the gallery. But now that Bertram is five years old, he wants to make a name for himself.
In fact, Bertram fit in so well that he even has an official position at the gallery.

Kathy needed to post pictures of her paintings on Instagram, but some people just wanted to see Bertram.

So she made him his very own Instagram account for the 100,000 fans that like to keep up with him. Plus, Bertram's a very busy pup so Kathy needed to find a way to keep his life organized.

These days Bertram can be found showing off his inner star. 

The pup that was "too big" to have a family, is now doing modeling shoots and making friends from all over. This just goes to show how adopting an animal from a shelter is always better than buying from a breeder!

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