This Cat Does A Hilarious Dance Every Morning, So His Owner Decided To Set It To Music

Many people have different routines to ready themselves for the day ahead. Some like to wake up a few hours early to go to the gym, shower, eat a full breakfast, and arrive at the office a half-hour early, while others prefer to stumble out of bed at the last possible minute.
Apparently, animals can be the same way! Roosters will loudly announce that it’s morning, while dogs spend the early hours annoying their humans to fill their food dish. The morning ritual of a cat, however, can be a bit, well… weird.
This particular cat had a rather strange way of starting his day. Naturally, his owner grabbed a camera, but it’s what his furry feline friend did next that will leave you in stitches!
We all have different ways of waking up, and cats are no different. For some, waking up is a total breeze. All they have to do is sit up and they are totally ready for the day. For others, it’s a sleepily slow process with lots of yawning and stretching involved.
However, the way this cat wakes up each morning truly takes the cake, and luckily, his owner decided to capture the entire thing on film. This cat was just getting ready for his day when his owner hit the record button…
When the man decided to film his beloved kitty’s strange morning ritual, he merely wanted to share it with his friends. He had no idea how people would react. As it so happened, people loved it!
While he knew it sounded hard to believe, this owner insisted that it all was just his kitty’s unique morning routine. His cat certainly did seem to be well-rehearsed. Only, his performance was just getting started…
The man was so unbothered by his weird cat’s behavior that he even set it to music. That was perfect, since the cat’s odd moves almost seemed like dancing! It’s hard to watch this cat shake his little groove thing and do anything but smile.
Was it yoga that this cat was trying to emulate, or was he just letting the spirit move him? Whatever he was doing, there was no doubt that it was entertaining in the extreme! It was like he was putting on a show!
After that little maneuver on his back, this kitty wasted no time dragging his butt all along the carpet. When dogs and cats do this, it can mean that they have worms, but it seemed like this kitty was just doing it for pure fun.
Of course, no good kitty dance routine is complete unless you stop halfway through to rigorously clean yourself. Nevertheless, after a brief intermission, he was ready to put his dancing shoes back on.
Like all good things, however, this morning routine had to come to an end eventually. The wild kitty must have been exhausted from all of that leg-shaking. In fact, he was probably ready to go back to sleep…
Don’t worry, though. Just because this kitty stopped dancing doesn’t mean he wouldn’t pick it back up again the next day—giving this owner potentially hours and hours of cat dance moves!

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