When This Kitten Met a Husky Dog, What Happened Next Will Melt Your Heart

In 2015 California residents Thi, Thoa and Tram Bui discovered a fragile three-month-old kitten roaming the streets and knew almost immediately that she was close to death. They decided to take the poor kitty in and name her Rosie, but there was still one more, rather big, problem: the three sisters already owned two husky dogs. How would these large dogs react to having a cat in the house?
But the Bui sisters felt that they had no other choice but to bring Rosie into their home. After all, the delicate creature was scared and alone, and even after spending a night with the women, Rosie’s health went into rapid decline.Lilo and Rosie_just rosie car
Indeed, Rosie began to turn her nose up at food and refused to even meet her new carers’ eyes. This latter behavior, though, may have been caused by Rosie’s own eyes becoming infected, making it hard for her to open them.
The sisters’ believed that the only way to help Rosie was for her to have a mother figure in her life. So they decided, somewhat riskily, to have one of their huskies take on the job. The husky’s name is Lilo.
This was especially chancy because Lilo had been neutered just seven days before Rosie’s arrival. What’s more, Lilo had no puppies of her own, and there was no way of knowing how she’d react to this new adopted offspring.
Desperate times, though, called for desperate measures. As the sisters explained on Instagram, “[Rosie] almost did not make it through the first night… Even with round the clock care. She was lethargic and limp.”
So they made up their minds to allow Rosie to “cuddle extensively” with Lilo. And, unbelievably, Lilo took to Rosie as if she were her own pup, while Rosie took to Lilo like a mother.
Furthermore, it seemed that Lilo was even nursing Rosie back to health. Certainly, the cute kitten’s eyes finally opened, and after only a week at Lilo’s side, Rosie began to walk around on her own.
It seems that, despite her never having had puppies of her own, Lilo’s natural motherly instincts kicked in. For example, the Bui sisters were shocked to see that after only a few days together Rosie was “suckling” on Lilo, and Lilo had encouraged Rosie to go to the toilet.
In fact, Lilo did such a good job of “raising” Rosie that Rosie might be a little bit confused about her own species. In 2015 Thi Bui told the Daily Mail, “[Rosie]’s growing up thinking she’s a husky.”
But, then, considering the fact that Rosie has been supported by Lilo – and the other huskies that the Buis own – for the best part of seven months, it’s unsurprising that she has adopted a few canine traits for herself. For one thing, she likes to go with Lilo for a walk.
And for another thing, Rosie even slyly steals dog food when she thinks her owners aren’t watching. Plus, Rosie and Lilo are known to wrestle with each other, and they even snooze side by side. Thi Bui said, “The two of them are inseparable.”
Sometimes, though, things can get a little rough. Bui explained, “We separate them sometimes to give Rosie a break because Lilo doesn’t know she’s so big, [so] she can hurt Rosie without realizing it.”
When the adorable duo do spend time apart, however, they tend to take a stance on either side of the barricade and wail until they are reunited. And when they are finally back together, Bui has said that they both “go crazy.”
Of course, with this being the 21st century, Lilo has her own Instagram page, where the pair are frequently photographed in increasingly adorable situations. At the time of writing, Lilo and Rosie have 113,000 followers.
One of Rosie’s most recent adventures depicted on the page saw Rosie exploring the woods. Her owners wrote, “[Rosie’s] thirst for adventure is growing exponentially, now we have to try and keep up with her!”
And just because Rosie is smaller than her new mom, doesn’t mean she isn’t as active. Bui told the Daily Mail, “She’s so tiny but she tries to keep up with the other huskies.”
She continued, “[Rosie] runs after them when they play, she wrestles with her mother Lilo, and walks with the pack when her little legs can manage.” It seems, then, that she really is more dog than cat.
It certainly seems that, in this instance at least, love really knows no bounds. Here, the two appear to give each other a little kiss before going to bed.
After all, Lilo and Rosie have been through a lot together, and it’s safe to say they won’t be stopping anytime soon. Who said cats and dogs can’t get along?

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